My Heart Is for the Governors of Israel

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448) “My heart is for the governors of Israel that offered themselves willingly among the people, bless the Lord.” All the willingness and all the heart that a man needs to extend blessings from above downwards to unite the Holy Name, he needs to extend in a prayer to the Creator, willingly and with the intention of the heart, from a deep stream, Bina. It is written about it, “Out of the depths have I called You, O Lord,” where it is the depth of all in the high valleys, which are the high beginning, where AVIHochma and Bina in Bina—mate. Here, too, “My heart is for the governors of Israel” refers to AVI, who are the governors that give Mochin to the holy Israel, ZA, who extends from between them.

449) “That offered themselves willingly among the people” are the patriarchs, HGT de ZA, who are called “princes,” as it is written, “The princes of the peoples are gathered together, the people of the God of Abraham,” meaning the patriarchs that extend from Abraham, Hesed de ZA. Then, “Bless the Lord,” extend blessings from Him downwards and there will be blessings in the whole world.

This is so because when there are blessings from above in this world below, everything is in gladness, all is in perfection, since no light is complete unless when it is extended down to this world. Happy are Israel for the Creator imparts upon them blessings and listens to their prayer. It is written about them, “When He has regarded the prayer of the destitute, and has not despised their prayer.”

(înapoi la pagina ZOHAR CUPRINS / VAYIKRA – click)

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