The Skies Shall Pour Down Righteousness

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444) “Drip down, O heavens, from above.” “Drip down” is like “Let my teaching drop as the rain.” He says it concerning the rain, which is food for all. Hence, all the eyes in the world look to the Creator for nourishment because He gives nourishments to all and feeds all, as it is written, “The eyes of all wait for You.”

445) And should you say that it depends on a place called “heavens,” ZA, we learned that nourishment does not depend on merit. Also, we said that merit is Tzedakah, which is ZA, since the translation of Tzedakah is merit, and merit and heavens are one and the same. Thus, it does not depend on the heavens, ZA. But here it writes, “Drip down, O heavens.” It writes, “From above,” from heaven above. This means that it comes from the holy Atik, who is AA, from which the nourishment extends, and not from the place called “heavens” and called “merit,” but rather precisely from above.

446) This is so because when the heavens, ZA, receive the food from above—from a high place that is on him, meaning AA, from Dikna, which is called “fortune”—then “The skies shall pour down righteousness.” The sky is the place where MAN for the righteous is grinded; it is Netzah and Hod. They grind MAN for the righteous, for that place called Tzadik [righteous], Yesod. This is so because they grind MAN that comes from above, from AA, and all that bounty gathers within them to give to the degree called TzadikYesod, so that TzedekMalchut, will be blessed by that dripping of theirs. This is why they grind MAN for the righteous. The righteous are Tzadik and Tzedek, Joseph and Rachel, Yesod and Malchut. When they mate, they are called Tzadikim [plural of Tzadik, righteous].

447) Those Netzah and Hod grind MAN for the righteous, Tzadik and Tzedek, and this is why it writes “The skies,” Netzah and Hod, “Shall pour down Tzedek [righteousness].” Then the earth below shall open, “That they may bring forth salvation,” meaning the people of the world. “And righteousness shall spring up together,” meaning that all the Rachamim and all the goodness in the world will multiply, and nourishment for people will be abundant in the world. Then joy will be added to joy and all the worlds will be blessed.

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