She Fell Off the Camel

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301) It is written, “And Rebecca raised her eyes and saw Isaac, and she fell off the camel. And she said to the servant, ‘Who is this man who is walking in the field toward us?’ And the servant said, ‘He is my lord.’” Why is this verse written in the Torah? Did she slip from the camel because she saw Isaac’s beauty?

302) Rather, when Rebecca came to Isaac, it was the time of the afternoon prayer, when the Din awakens in the world. She saw him in anger of harsh Din and she saw that the end of the harsh Din below is a camel, death. This is why she descended and dropped herself from the camel, for when the harsh Din looks, the camel grows stronger. This is why she dropped herself off of it and did not sit there.

303) A camel is as it is written, “And He will repay him his reward,” since Gamal [camel] comes from the word Gemul [“reward” or “pay”], the reward of the wicked, as it is written, “Woe to the wicked … for the work of his hands shall be done to him.” This is a camel, which is poised to eat everything and to consume everything. It is always ready against people. For this reason, one who saw a camel in one’s dream is shown that he was sentenced to death, and was saved from it.

304) The side of Tuma’a is called “a camel,” which caused death to the entire world. This is what incited Adam and his wife to the tree of knowledge. SAM rode it when he came to mislead the world and caused death to all. For this reason, it came and governed everything. Adam drew it to him, and when he drew it to him, it was drawn after them until it incited them. This is why Solomon said, “And do not come near the door of her house,” for anyone who comes near her house, she comes out and connects, and is drawn after him.

305) When Rebecca saw Isaac in harsh Din, and saw that another strong Din was coming out of the filth of gold, she promptly fell off the camel, to break loose from the Din of that filth. It is written, “The voice of the Lord repays His enemies,” from filth.

306) When Israel made the deed and caused the sin, why a calf? They did not choose a calf. Rather, they said, “Arise, make us a god who will go before us.” But Aaron wished to detain them, so who chose a calf?

307) Indeed, the work was done properly. When the gold, left line, is sorted, the waste comes out and separates into several Behinot of left, and to all those who have a red color, which is the look of gold that is in the mountains when the sun is up, since the power of the sun shows the gold and begets it in the earth. And the appointee over the power of the sun looks like a calf. He is called “The destruction that lays waste at noon.”

That red fusion of gold comes out of the calf, as well as all those who come from the red side, from the spirit of Tuma’a, and spread in the world. This is why the calf was made of the fusion of the gold that Aaron threw into the fire. That is, HB TM in the left are ox, cow, calf, and heifer. Tifferet on the left is a calf, and from there the Sitra Achra and the golden calf are extended.

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