And Moses Established the Tabernacle

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295) On the day when the tabernacle was erected, they could not erect it until Moses erected it. Like a queen that no one has permission to raise her up except her husband, here, too, all the craftsmen came to erect the tabernacle, but they could not establish by them until Moses, who is a Merkava for ZA, the queen’s husband, came and erected it because he is the landlord.

296) When Moses established the tabernacle below, another tabernacle was established above. It is written, “The tabernacle was established,” but it does not interpret by whom because it was established from the upper, hidden and concealed world by Moses, ZA, to be corrected with it.

297) It is written, “And all the wise men who do all the holy work came.” If this concerns the tabernacle of above, who are the wise men who do the holy work there? They are right and left, and all the other edges of ZA, which are paths and trails by which to enter the sea, Malchut, the tabernacle, and fill it. They are the ones who made the tabernacle above and established it.

298) It is likewise in the tabernacle below. It is written, “And Bezalel and Oholiab shall do.” Bezalel is to the right, Hassadim, and Oholiab is to the left, Hochma. One is from Judea, Malchut, from the right, and one is from Dan, left. They correspond to right and left of ZA.

Afterwards, it is written, “And every wisehearted man.” “And all the wise men who do all the holy work came,” corresponding to the rest of the sides of ZA, and everything in the tabernacle below corresponds to the tabernacle above.

299) On the day when the tabernacle was established, death was cancelled in the world. Do not say, “cancelled,” but that death departed from the world and could not rule. After all, the evil inclination, who is the angel of death, will not be cancelled from the world until the Messiah King arrives, and the Creator is delighted with His deeds, and then it is written, “He will swallow up death forever.” When the tabernacle was established by Moses, the power of the evil inclination was separated and surrendered, and could not rule. At that time, SAM separated the power of the anger of the left from the power of the evil serpent, hence the evil serpent could not rule the world and could not connect to people and incite them.

300) When Israel made the calf, it is written, “And Moses took the tent and pitched it outside the camp,” since he saw the evil inclination walking among them. Moses, said, “The side of Kedusha will not be inside the side of Tuma’a.” As long as the side of Kedusha governs, the side of Tuma’a cannot govern and surrenders before the Kedusha. For this reason, as long as Jerusalem is full, the evil Tyre will be ruined.

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