Smelling the Myrtle

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275) Afterwards the Creator made for Adam other clothes from the leaves of the trees in the Garden of Eden. It is written, “And the Lord God made for Adam and for his wife leather garments and clothed them.” However, in Rabbi Meir’s Torah, it writes, “Garments of light,” since they were from the leaves of the trees in the Garden of Eden, which are lights. It is so because at first, Adam’s garments were from the Achoraim of the garden of above, Malchut de Atzilut, from her Parsa. After the sin, they were from the Garden of Eden of the earth in the world of Assiya, coming out of the garden. These garments were emitting scents and perfumes of the garden, in which the soul settles and delights, as it is written, “And he smelled the smell of his clothes and blessed him,” for Isaac’s soul and spirit [Nefesh and Ruach] settled in that scent.

276) For this reason, when the Sabbath ends, one should smell perfumes so that his soul will settle in that scent in return for the upper scent that has departed him. And the best of all the scents of the perfumes is the myrtle, for the keeping of the holy place, Malchut—from which the souls come out—is myrtle. This is also the keeping of man’s soul, such as above, to be sustained by that bareness that remains in him after the departure of the added soul [Neshama] of the Sabbath.

HGT de ZA are called “myrtles” in regard to their giving illumination of Hochma to Malchut, since illumination of Hochma is called “scent.” It follows that these myrtles keep the Malchut, whose essence is illumination of HochmaMalchut is called “a place.” The myrtle, HGT de ZA, emits a scent—illumination of Hochma—to give to Malchut. This is why we take myrtle, to keep a man’s soul with it at the end of the Sabbath after the departure of the added soul.

277) When the Sabbath ended, Adam HaRishon dressed in those garments of the Garden of Eden of the earth, which emit scents and perfumes, to keep his soul instead of the high, holy, and honorable spirit, which is the upper brightness of Atzilut that has departed him. The myrtle is the keeping of the soul, since in the upper one there is the keeping of the soul, Malchut.

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