The Upper Spirit

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278) The upper spirit is the added soul that descends over a person on Sabbath with joy and delights his soul. At that time man’s soul is as it is in the next world, when his Nefesh will enjoy the Ruach. As the man was delighting that spirit in this world, that spirit delights the man in the next world, as it is written, “Then shall you delight in the Lord.” As the man enjoys great delight, which is the spirit, and delights it, so he will be satiated by it in the next world. Then, when one is rewarded with completing the wholeness of the glory of the Sabbath, the Creator declares about him and says, “And He said unto me, ‘You are My servant, O Israel, in whom I will be glorified.’”

279) Rabbi Aba and the rest of the friends rose and said, “Happy are we that the Creator has brought this road before us.” Rabbi Aba said, “The Creator has provided me with this road in order to bond with you. Happy am I that I have been rewarded with this road.”

280) On the day when I went off, I saw a light splitting into three lights, which went before me and hid. I said, “I must have seen Divinity, happy am I. And now these three lights that I saw are you. You are lights and high illuminations to illuminate in this world and in the next world.

281) “Thus far, I did not know that all these hidden gems were in your possession. Once I saw that these words were said by the will of the commandment of your Master, I know that all the words rise on this day to the upper throne, which is Bina, and the minister of the faces, Matat, takes them and turns them into crowns for his Master. This day is crowned with 60 holy Merkavot [chariots/assemblies], opposite HGT NHY, in honor of the throne, Bina, by these words that were said here on this day.”

282) In the meantime, the sun had set. At midnight, they rose to engage in Torah. Rabbi Aba said, “Henceforth, we shall say things with which to crown the righteous in the Garden of Eden, for now is the time when the Creator and all the righteous in the Garden of Eden listen to the voices of the righteous in the earth.”

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