The Incense

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466) Likewise is the incense. Anyone who smelled that smoke when the pillar of smoke went up from that one who raises smoke would scrutinize his heart in a scrutiny, to serve his Master, and this would remove the filth of the evil inclination from him. He would have only one heart toward his Father in heaven because the incense is indeed the breaking of the evil inclination on all the sides. And as the ornament would rise over a banner, so it was with the incense, for nothing in the world breaks the Sitra Achra but incense.

467) It is written, “Take the pan and place fire on it over the altar, and place incense.” It is written, “For there is wrath gone out from the Lord; the plague has begun.” It is so because there is no shattering to that side except through incense, for there is nothing more favorable to the Creator than incense, which can cancel charms and bad things from him. The smell and the smoke of incense that people make cancels charms with that deed; it is especially so with incense.

468) There is a sentence before the Creator that anyone who looks and reads the story of the incense each day will be saved from all the bad things and charms in the world, as well as from all those harms, bad thoughts, bad judgment, and from death. No harm will happen for the whole of that day because the Sitra Achra cannot rule over him. And he must intend in it.

469) If people knew how sublime is the work of the incense before the Creator, they would take each and every word from it, and would raise it to be a crown over their heads, like a crown of gold. One who exerts in the work of incense should be observed. If he intends in it each day, he has a part in this world and in the next world, death will forever depart from him, and he will be saved from any judgment in this world, from evil sides, from the Din of Hell, and from the Din of the other Malchut.

470) In that incense, when the smoke would rise like a pillar, the priest would see letters of the holy name flying in the air, rising upward like a pillar. Afterwards, several holy Merkavot surround it from all sides until she rises in light and joy, delights those who delight, ties ties, and unifies unifications above and below, to unify everything. This atones for the evil inclination and for idol worshipping, the Sitra Achra.

(înapoi la pagina ZOHAR CUPRINS / VAYAKHEL – click)

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