The Letters of HaVaYaH as the Letters of ADNI

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292) There are high secrets in the tabernacle, the holy name ADNI. This is the meaning of the tabernacle, like the upper secret, the secret of the ark, as it is written, “Behold, the ark of the covenant of the Lord of all the earth.” “The Lord of all the earth,” the holy meaning of the name, AlephDaletNunYod, like the holy name HaVaYaH, since the letters of ADNI are as the letters HaVaYaH.

293) Aleph of ADNI is like Yod of HaVaYaHAbaYod, in full, is like Aleph because the shape of the Aleph is Yod on top, Vav in the middle, and Dalet underneath, meaning YodVavDalet [Yod]. Dalet of ADNI is the Hey de HaVaYaHIma, since when Malchut clothes the left line of Ima, she is called Dalet, and one is like the other.

Nun of ADNI is Vav of HaVaYaHTifferet, the middle line. Although Vav is a male and Nun is a female, one was included in the other, Tifferet of ADNI, Malchut, Nun, mingled with Tifferet of HaVaYaHZAVavNunVav are in the middle, since Nun is in the middle of the letters of tens: YodChafLamedMemNunSamechAyinPehTzadiVav is in the middle of the letters of units: AlephBetGimelDaletHeyVavZayinHetTetYodNun is a female, in the first half; Vav is a male, in the second half, since they are one whole.

Hey of HaVaYaH is Yod of ADNIMalchut, since here the Hey is small Hochma, which is called “the wisdom [Hochma] of Solomon,” illumination of Hochma that appears in Malchut.

294) The letters were included in one another: the four letters ADNI were included in the four letters HaVaYaH. They are included in one another and it is all one. The lower tabernacle, in the earth, is in the upper tabernacle, Malchut, who is called ADNI, and the upper tabernacle is in another tabernacle, superior to all, Bina. It is all included in one another to become one. This is why it is written, “That the tabernacle may be one.”

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