The Name Mem-Bet and AB

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262) It is written, “The secret of the Lord is to them that fear Him; and His covenant is to make them know it.” The upper secret, which is concealed, stands only for those who fear Him, who always fear the Creator, who are worthy of these sublime secrets, and to have these secrets in them in hiding and concealment as it should be, as they are sublime secrets. However, “And His covenant, to make them know it, the secret that stands in the holy covenant. “To make them know it,” since it is a place that is poised for revealing and for knowing, since the Yesod discloses the illumination of Hochma in Malchut. “To make them know it,” through Malchut.

263) “The secret of the Lord is to them that fear Him.” These secrets stand in fear, and those who fear sin, fear those high secrets, so as not to engage in them. However, “And His covenant is to make them know it,” to know and to interpret the matters because they are things that are about to be interpreted, as the secrets are interpreted through the Yesod, and there is no fear engaging in them.

264) The world, Malchut, was engraved and persists in 42 letters. The covering of the lights and their concealment is called “engraving,” and the disclosure of the lights is called “persisting,” the Mochin that sustain the degree. They are all the crown of the holy name because the name MemBet [42] is GARKHB, which become a crown to Malchut, who is called “a name.” When MemBet letters unite in order to be givers, they rise in His letters, in Bina, where they appear for the first time, and descend to ZA. Then crowns crown in him to the four directions of the world, which are HG TM through the Chazeh—the three lines and Malchut who receives them—and he can exist, meaning receive these Mochin from Bina, by which he exists.

There are three discernments in the name MemBet:

  1. Its essential form, the Mochin KHB in upper AVI, which are Hochma. These are four letters of simple HaVaYaHKeter, the ten letters in the complete HaVaYaHHochma, and the 28 letters in the filling of the filling of the name HaVaYaHBina. Together, they are 42 letters.
  2. The form of a king engraved on a seal, meaning the three lines that emerged in YESHSUTBina. All the worlds that are similar to them were sealed in these three lines of Bina, like the forms in the imprint that are similar to the forms in the seal. However, although upper AVI are the essence of the Mochin de GAR, they are still not regarded as the seal of the Mochin of the worlds because the Yod does not come out of their Avir. The name MemBet is the two names EKYEH [Heb: “I will be”] in “I will be what I will be,” which is 42 in Gematria.
  3. The name MemBet in the form of a wax seal. This is the three lines of ZA, indicating that there are two operations in it:
    1. It is sealed by the original seal, Bina;
    2. It seals the forms of the Mochin in Malchut. Like wax, which once sealed can also be a seal to seal something else.

Here it begins with the name MemBet in Bina, the original seal, and then with the name MemBet in ZA. It explains how the letters of the name MemBet in ZA emerge and seal the Malchut, and then implies the name MemBet in AVI.

265) Subsequently, the letters from the name MemBet in ZA come out, ten utterances and 32 Elokim in the work of creation. Together, they make 42 that illuminate in ZA and create the world, Malchut above and below, the point of Holam that cuts Malchut in two: KH remaining above, Bina and TM descending to the world of BeriaKH remained in the world of unification, AtzilutBina and TM descended to the world of Beria, the world of separation.

Afterwards, Bina and TM rose back from Beria to Atzilut at the point of Shuruk, and then they are called “divided mountains” because once they ascended to AtzilutBina and TM parted from the right, from KH, for a dispute was made between them, and it is as though they were cut off from one another. These are the mountains of separation that are watered when the south, the right line, begins to draw closer to the left line. At that time the waters flow and the mountains of separation, the left line, are watered. The water is extended by this power above, in ZA, and all is in joy.

266) When the thought, Hochma, willingly rises with joy in the one who is more covered than all who are covered, Keter, another light, Bina, comes and pours out of him. They draw closer to each other, meaning Hochma unites with Bina, and this is the essence of the form of the name MemBet, the Mochin de KHB. The four letters of simple HaVaYaH, the ten letters of HaVaYaH in a filling, and the 28 letters of the filling of the filling, which are KHB. Together, they are 42 letters.

267) These 42 letters are a high secret, and the upper world, ZA, was created in them, as well as the lower world, Malchut. They are the keeping of all the worlds, as it is written, “The secret of the Lord is to them that fear Him; and His covenant is to make them know it.” The letters engraved in the name MemBet—in His engravings—are revealed. An engraving indicates concealment and a secret. The letters of the name MemBet are engraved and sunken because the Hochma does not appear in them. This is why it is written about them, “The secret of the Lord is to them that fear Him.” Yet, they appear in the name AB in Malchut according to the measure of their engraving in the name MemBet. “The secret of the Lord is to them that fear Him” in the name MemBet, “And His covenant is to make them know it,” in the name AB in Malchut.

268) It is written, “You shall put in the breast piece of the judgment the Urim and the Tummim.” “The Urim” [lights], which illuminate, the illuminating mirror, ZA, the engravings of the letters of the holy name MemBet, with which the worlds were created, and the letters were sunken in the concealment of the Hochma. “And the Tummim” [Tam means whole] are the letters included in the place of the mirror that does not illuminate, Malchut, who illuminates in 72 engraved letters in the holy name. The name AB is disclosure of light of Hochma in Malchut, and all together, they are called Urim and Tummim.

269) When the letters of the name MemBet are immersed in the breast piece of the judgment, other letters in the tribes come and illuminate in that force. They either illuminate or darken; it is all in the letters of the holy names, the name MemBet. These letters come over the Torah, appearing in ZA, who is called “Torah,” and all the worlds were created with those letters. These names of the MemBet were hidden and sunken in the breast piece, and the letters of the names of the tribes protruded upward. Hence, everything is from those letters.

270) It is written, “In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.” The letter Bet, with which the Torah begins—the Bet of Beresheet [In the beginning] —created with the upper force, the force of those letters in the name MemBetBet is a female, MalchutAleph is a male, ZA. As the Bet created, so Aleph elicited all 22 letters, which is Et [“of” or “of the,” but also Aleph through Tav], which includes 22 letters from Aleph to Tav.

271) The letter Hey of ‘The heaven” indicates a Zivug with heaven, Bina who gives to the heaven, ZA, giving him life and for instilling Mochin upon him. The Vav of “And the earth,” ZA, is to give food to Malchut, to the earth, and to set up for her the provision fit for her. Vav of “And the,” indicates the 22 letters, since Et indicates the 22 letters from Aleph to Tav, from which the earth, Malchut, is fed. The earth includes them into her, as it is written, “All the rivers go to the sea,” meaning all the channels of abundance of ZA go to Malchut. “And the earth” indicates that Malchut gathers everything within her and receives them. The earth took the Vav and received her, as she is fed by her.

272) This is the meaning of the tabernacle being established only by Moses, since the upper degree, Bina, was awakened from the side of Moses, ZA, to keep the tabernacle, Malchut, so there would be the persistence of everything, as it is written, “And Moses established the tabernacle.” His establishing was with those letters with which the heaven and earth were created, with the name MemBet.

273) This is why Bezalel did all the works of the tabernacle by engraving the letters with which the heaven and earth were created, the name MemBet, and this is why he was called Bezalel [Betzel (in the shadow of) El (God)], since Bezalel knew the engraving of the letters with which the heaven and earth were created. Had Bezalel not known them, he would not be able to do those works in the tabernacle. Rather, as the upper tabernacle was, and as all its works were done only with the letters of the name MemBet, the tabernacle below was also established only with those letters.

274) Bezalel would put together the letters of the name MemBet, and with each putting together, he would do the work. With each work in the tabernacle, each putting together, he would do one work and all that befitted it. And likewise with all the works of the tabernacle. All those parts and corrections in the tabernacle were all in the putting together of the letters of the holy name AB.

275) When Bezalel came to establish the tabernacle, he could not erect it because the will and the intention that rises over the letters of the name MemBet were given only to Moses, and he knew the will that rises to these letters. This is why the tabernacle was established by Moses, as it is written, “And Moses established,” “And Moses gave,” “And Moses placed.” Bezalel did not know and could not erect it.

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