There Are Places in Hell

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274) There are places in hell that are reserved for those who desecrate the Sabbath in public, who did not repent from that desecration. And they have appointees over them. Also, there are places in Hell for those who commit incest, for those who explain the Torah improperly, for those who shed innocent blood, those who commit perjury, those who lay with menstruation or with a daughter of a strange god or a whore or a maidservant, and even for those who breach the 365 negative Mitzvot [commandments to avoid doing].

275) Each sin has a place in Hell and an appointee over it. And Satan, his evil inclination, is appointed over all the sins, the places, and the appointees over them. If one repents, what does it say? “I have blotted out, as a thick cloud, your transgressions,” meaning the registrations of each and every sin of the wicked has been erased from its place in Hell.

276) There are sins that are written above and not below in this world, and there are those that are written below and not above. And there are also those that are written above and below. If the sins are blotted out below in this world, since one repents, they are erased above after he repents. A wicked one—his iniquities are engraved on his bones; a righteous—his merits are engraved on his bones. This is so they will be registered among the transgressors, to recognize them. And a voice comes out over him, “This one is wicked! Let his bones burn in Hell!”

277) The souls of the wicked ones are the damagers in the world. Their sentence is that their souls are burnt and become dust under the feet of the righteous. With what are they burned? With the fire of the throne, the Malchut, as it is written, “His throne is sparks of fire, and His wheels are burning fire,” meaning in the fire of the four animals of fire that surrounds the throne of Din, which is ADNI, of which it was said, “For the judgment of Malchut is judgment.”

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