A River of Fire

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278) The River of Fire is a river of fire that extends and comes out ahead. The souls of the righteous bathe in it and cleanse their souls, and the souls of the wicked are sentenced in it and burn before it as straw before a fire, meaning fire eats fire. HaVaYaH with punctuation of Elokim is Bina. This is the sun. His sheath is ADNI, and in the future, the Creator will bring the sun out of his sheath, meaning the name ADNIMalchut, will not cover the name HaVaYaH with punctuation of ElokimBina, and the fire of Din on the left line of Bina will appear without the sheath of Malchut. The righteous will heal in it, and the wicked will be sentenced in it.

279) From the fire of the animals of the throne of judgment [Din], a lion of fire would come down to eat and to burn the sacrifices and the appointees, since every organ with which one sins has a saboteur and an accuser appointed over it. If one commits a transgression, he acquires an accuser. As soon as fire of a high one comes down and burns the organs, the intestines, and the kidneys of the oxen and the sheep, the male goats and the female goats, this HaVaYaH comes down as a lion of fire to burn them. Their organs burn and the saboteurs appointed over the organs that sinned are burned and the iniquities of Israel—who are the organs of Divinity—are forgiven.

280) At that time, the animals appointed over merits—from the throne of Rachamim, which is repentance, upper ImaBina—draw nearer, meaning approach in the name HaVaYaH that enters them. This is the reason why it is an offering for HaVaYaH, for there is none who can bring the animals and the foundations closer, to bring peace between them, except the name HaVaYaHZA, the middle line. In His name, HaVaYaH, water approaches fire, the right line to the left line, and they do not put each other out. And the wind, too, meaning the middle line, approaches the dust, which is Malchut, and there is none who separates them.

(înapoi la pagina ZOHAR CUPRINS / VAYIKRA – click)

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