These Are the Accounts of the Tabernacle

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48) “These are the accounts of the tabernacle, the tabernacle of the testimony, which were counted according to Moses.” Because all the sages made the tabernacle, there had to be a calculation of all the works that were done in it, since by each calculation that was done, the work would be done, and it would be in its place.

“These are the accounts of the tabernacle” in Mochin of number and calculation, which are VAK de Hochma, being the Mochin that sustain everything. It exists only in its own place, and not to extend from there from above downward, as they are VAK, illuminating only from below upward.

49) And as the desire of all of Israel was in what they volunteered, so was their desire in that calculation. By their desire, they extended the Mochin of calculation, and then the whole work was done by desire. Hence, calculation is needed here in the tabernacle, since by calculation is the work done. This is why it is written, “These are the accounts of the tabernacle.”

It is a calculation that faults all the calculations in the world—extension of GAR de Hochma—which are not of Kedusha [holiness], for they do not persist, but destroy the place to which they are drawn. Yet, this calculation in the tabernacle, which is VAK de Hochma, persists more than all the others, and by that the tabernacle persists, and not by another.

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