Turtledoves and Young Pigeons

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6) “Man and beast You deliver, O Lord.” Thus, man rises from the side of man through the desire and the prayer. And a beast, from the side of the beast, is sacrificed on the altar. This is why it is written, “If any man of you brings an offering.” Indeed, man’s offering is of the desire and the prayer, to tie a connection above, as man, and then from the beast. It is all in the verse, “Man and beast You deliver, O Lord,” that man’s offering and an offering of a beast are required. This is what the Creator did when He created the world—man and beast.

7) But it is written, “Let birds fly above the earth.” Sacrifices are made of them, and even burnt-offerings, as it is written, “But if his offering to the Lord is a burnt offering of birds, then he shall bring his offering from the turtledoves or from young pigeons.” Thus, with birds, it is not quite as you say about the beast. Of all the fowls, only turtledoves and young pigeons are sacrificed. However, what is kosher [qualified/permissible] in one is disqualified in the other. The red is kosher in turtledoves and disqualified in young pigeons. The young pigeons are right [side]; turtledoves are left. Hence red is kosher in it because it implies to the left.

8) “Let birds fly above the earth” are the Merkava [assembly]—angels Michael, Gabriel, Uriel, and Raphael—who are called “fowl.” The spirit of holiness, Malchut, rises in them, ascending above to ZA for a Zivug. They are two—one to the right and one to the left, “birds” to the right, Michael, and “will fly” to the left, Gabriel.

9) This is why two are sacrificed—turtledoves and young pigeons, Michael and Gabriel—to elevate the spirit of holiness, Malchut, to ZA. And the left of ZA crowns and feeds below, to that left side of Malchut, and the right to the right. And a woman connects to her husband, Malchut in ZA, to become one, and everything rises and connects together above and below, and the Creator rises and is sublime alone.

10) The poor, who sacrificed turtledoves and young pigeons, does not give a share to nourish the worlds, but to unite above. However, everything is above and below, each connecting to his side.

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