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ŢAV (Poruncă)

  • This Is the Law of the Burnt-Offering (text) ENG
  • Turtledoves and Young Pigeons (text) ENG
  • How High Does the Dvekut [adhesion] of the Priests, Levites, and Israel Rise? (text) ENG
  • This Is the Law of the Burnt-Offering (text) ENG
  • Offering, Sin, and Blame (text) ENG
  • A Perpetual Fire Shall Burn on the Altar (text) ENG
  • The Smoke of the Altar-Wood (text) ENG
  • Remission of Work (text) ENG
  • NRN of Regular Days and NRN of the Sabbath (text) ENG
  • Isaac’s Fire (text) ENG
  • Two Altars (text) ENG
  • The Name El [God] (text) ENG
  • Ze [“this” (male form)] Zot [“this” (female form)] (text) ENG
  • Zion and Jerusalem (text) ENG
  • The Act Above Awakens by the Act Below (text) ENG
  • The Four Species and Hoshana Rabbah [Great Supplication, 7th day of Sukkot] (text) ENG
  • Three Degrees on the Offering (text) ENG
  • Who Lays the Beams of His Upper Chambers in the Water (text) ENG
  • The Fire of the Altar Crouches like a Lion (text) ENG
  • Burning of Holies (text) ENG
  • The Oil of the Incense (text) ENG
  • Two Fires (text) ENG
  • This Is the Anointing of Aaron (text) ENG
  • For with You Is the Source of Life (text) ENG
  • All Came from the Dust (text) ENG
  • And He has founded His Association over the Earth (text) ENG
  • I Have Put My Words in Your Mouth (text) ENG
  • The Connection between Torah and Prophets (text) ENG
  • The Fragrance (text) ENG
  • Faith at Night (text) ENG

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