You Shall Fear Your God

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412) It is written, “You shall fear the Lord your God, and Him shall you worship.” It is also written, “And you shall fear your God,” from a place that connects and surrounds the brain within, which is Divinity, who is called Elokim and who is surrounded by fire, in the matter of fire that surrounds the shining, from which the Din extends to the wicked. “From your God” is the surrounding fire. This is the fear that one should fear Him, for there is where the Din lies. It is a Din that is drawn from the Din above, which is in this place.

413) There are three kinds of fire here: 1) a fire that receives fire with joy, and they delight in one another with love, 2) a fire in which the shining is seen, Divinity. It is a fire that stands with joy inside the inner fire, the first fire. 3) A fire that surrounds the shining, Divinity. In this fire there is the fear of Din to strike the wicked.

There are two interpretations to the shining: 1) It is a Klipa that is close to Kedusha. Half of it is good, and half of it is bad. 2) Divinity is called “a shining.”

Here, “shining” means Divinity, lower Hochma.

There are three kinds of fire, meaning Dinim: 1) Fire on the right line, extending from the point of Holam. 2) Fire on the left line, extending from the point of Shuruk for lack of Hassadim. 3) Fire from the middle line, extending from the point of Hirik, for which the unification of right and left occurred. It also limits the left so it illuminates only from below upward.

The fire that receives fire with joy is the fire on the right line, which receives the fire on the left line with great joy because the fire on the left line complements it with illumination of Hochma. Also, the fire of the left receives the fire of the right with joy, for it is completed by it with Hassadim. For this reason, they rejoice in one another with love because they complement one another.

Fire, in which the shining is seen, Divinity, is the lower Hochma who receives from the left line. It is known that Hochma appears only upon disclosure of the Dinim of the point of Shuruk. The shining, lower Hochma, is seen only in the fire of the point of Shuruk, which extends to her from the left line. It is fire that stands in joy inside the inner fire, the first fire, for it is the same fire of the left line from the point of Shuruk that stands with the inner fire of the right line with great joy.

The fire that surrounds the shining, the fire of the middle line that surrounds it and limits it from shining from above downward, but rather from below upward, in this fire there is the fear of the Din, to strike the wicked. It punishes the wicked who trespass her boundary.

414) There are four colors to fire—white, red, green, and black. They are one, for each is included in the four colors HG TM.

415) One should place one’s will in that fear with fear and love together, fearing on the side that extends from the left, and loving on the side that extends from the right, and in these colors, for in Malchut, too, there are four colors, HG TM. That fear will be to fear punishment, the lower fear, that one who transgresses the Mitzvot of the Torah is punished from the left. It is so because when that side begins to strike, it is not quieted down until it annihilates him from this world and from the next world. This is why this fire should be feared, for fear is in it.

416) Out of the third fire, spreads the fire of other gods. It is written about it, “You shall not fear the gods of the Amorites,” for it is forbidden to fear him. This fire of fear—the third fire—is holiness and partakes in Kedusha. This is the one that surrounds the shining. Were it not for this fire, the right would not unite with the left. Therefore, it is Kedusha although it limits the shining to illuminate only from below upward.

But another fire, from without, sometimes joins this fire of fear and sometimes moves away from it and does not connect to it. When the iniquities cause the external fire to connect to this fire of fear, it is the fire of darkness, darkening and covering the lights of the other ones in the shining, as it is written, “A flaming fire,” and it is not permanent.

417) There is love after he has been rewarded with fear. Once fear is present over a man’s head from the left, then love awakens, which is right, ZA with respect to the Hesed in him. One who worships out of love clings to a high place above, and clings to the Kedusha of the next world, Bina, since he rises to be crowned and to cling to the right side, Hesed de ZA, on which there is Bina.

418) Work that comes from the side of fear is respected but does not rise to cling above in ZA. When he worships out of love, he rises and crowns above and clings to the next world. This is a man who is summoned to the next world. Happy is he, for he dominates the place of fear because no one governs the degree of fear but love, the right, the unification of ZA and Malchut.

419) One who is worthy of the next world needs to unify the name of the Creator and unite the organs, ZON, and the upper degrees, AVI, upper and lower, including them all, and bringing all of them into Ein Sof, tying knots, as it is written, “Hear O Israel, the Lord is our God, the Lord is one.”

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