A Burden with Which His Mother Chastened Him

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321) If there is one who gives good references in the world, he comes to the queen, and not above Malchut. It is like a king who had a son from the queen. Whenever the son did as the king wanted, the king dwelt with the queen, and whenever the son did not do as the king wanted, the king separated his dwelling place from the queen.

322) So are the Creator and the Assembly of Israel. Whenever Israel follow the Creator’s will, the Creator places his abode in the Assembly of Israel. And whenever Israel do not do the Creator’s will, the Creator does not place His abode in the Assembly of Israel. It is so because Israel are the firstborn of the Creator, as it is written, “My son, My firstborn, Israel.” And also, the Assembly of Israel is the mother of Israel, as it is written, “And do not forsake your mother’s law [Torah].”

323) As long as Israel are distant from the king’s palace, the queen seemingly departs with them from the king because the queen did not first chasten that son and beat him so he would walk on the straight path. The king never strikes his son, but leaves everything to the queen, so she will lead his palace and strike her son, leading him on the path of truth with regard to the king.

324) It is written, “The words of King Lemuel, a burden with which his mother chastened him.” His mother is Bat-Sheba, Malchut. It is also written, “A wise son delights a father, and a foolish son is his mother’s sorrow.” “A wise son delights a father” when the son walks on the straight path, and he is wise. He delights a father, the holy king above, ZA, the father of above. And if the son is on a path of failure, it is written, “And a foolish son is his mother’s sorrow.” His mother is the Assembly of Israel, Malchut, as it is written, “For your transgressions was your mother sent away.”

325) There was no joy before the Creator as on the day when Solomon rose to Hochma and said the Song of Songs. At that time the face of the queen illuminated and the king came to place his abode with her, as it is written, “And Solomon’s wisdom was more than the wisdom of all the children of the east.” “Was more” means that the beauty of the queen increased, and she grew in her degrees more than all the other degrees that she had at any time because the king established his abode in her because she brought forth this wise son to the world.

326) When she brought Solomon out, when she imparted him with Hochma, she elicited to all of Israel, and they were all rewarded with high degrees like Solomon. The Creator delighted in them and they in Him. On the day when Solomon completed the Temple below, the queen established a house for the king and they established their abode together. Then her face illuminated with complete joy. At that time there is joy for all, above and below, because it is written, “A burden with which his mother chastened him,” leading him according to the king’s will.

327) When that son does not behave according to the king’s will, it is nakedness for all because it causes the appearance of Dinim in Malchut, causing the disclosure of the nakedness, nakedness to all sides, to the right and to the left, since the king parted from the queen, and the queen departed from his palace. This is why she is the nakedness of all. But it is nakedness if the king is without the queen and the queen without the king. This is why it is written, “Do not uncover the nakedness of your father and the nakedness of your mother.” Your mother is Malchut, who dwells with you. For this reason, do not uncover her nakedness.

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