An Apple and a Lily

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317) It is written, “As an apple tree among the trees of the forest, so is my beloved among the young men.” How fond is the Creator of the Assembly of Israel, for she praises Him with an apple and not with something else.

318) Because an apple is written, she praises Him with everything: colors, fragrance, and flavor. This is so because as an apple is a cure for everything, the Creator is the cure for everything. As the apple is colorful, for there are white, red, and green in it, the Creator has the upper colors, HGT, which are white, red, and green. As an apple has a finer scent than all other trees, the Creator smells like the Lebanon. As an apple is tasty and sweet, the Creator is sweet to the palate.

319) The Creator praises the Assembly of Israel, as it is written, “As a lily among the thorns is my wife among the maidens.” When righteous multiply in the world, the Assembly of Israel, Malchut, emits fragrances, illumination of Hochma that illuminates from below upward, like a scent. She is blessed with Hassadim from the holy king, and her face illuminates. When the wicked multiply in the world, the Assembly of Israel does not emit fragrances, and tastes from the bitter suction of the Sitra Achra. At that time, it is written, “He has cast from heaven to earth,” meaning that the Zivug de ZA, heaven, and Malchut, earth, has been cancelled and her face is dark.

320) When the righteous multiply in the world it is written, “His left under my head and his right will embrace me,” meaning that right and left unite with each other. And when wicked multiply in the world, it is written, “He has drawn back his right,” and the left rules without the right. At that time all the Dinim pour forth from him, and it is written, “The quarrelsome separate the Champion.” That is, the king separates from the queen because of the wicked, who is called “quarrelsome.” This is the meaning of what is written, “Do not uncover the nakedness of your father and the nakedness of your mother,” so you do not cause disclosure of Dinim above, to the suction of the Sitra Achra, by which the holy Zivug is separated.

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