A Woman … During Her Menstrual Impurity

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396) It is written, “I am the Lord.” That is, “I the Lord am destined to give good reward for the righteous in the future. I the Lord am destined to avenge the wicked in the future, the ones of whom it is written, “Who transgress against Me.” Why is it written, “I the Lord,” indicating Midat ha Rachamim, and it is also written, “I put to death, and I bring to life,” which indicates Midat ha Din? Although I am in Midat ha Rachamim, the wicked make me into Midat ha Din.

The Lord God is the full name: HaVaYaH [the Lord] is Rachamim and Elokim [God] is Din. If they are rewarded, HaVaYaH; if they are not rewarded, Elokim. The wicked ones are blemishing above.

397) It is written, “And you shall not approach a woman to uncover her nakedness during her menstrual impurity.” The generation with whom Rabbi Shimon is present are all worthy. They are all pious and fear sin; the Shechina is among them. But this is not so in other generations. This is why these matters are clarified and are not hidden in his generation. It is not so in other generations, and words of high secrets cannot be revealed. Those who know are afraid to reveal because when Rabbi Shimon would say the meaning of that verse, the eyes of the friends were all tearing holy tears and all the words he said were revealed in their eyes, as it is written, “With him do I speak mouth to mouth, manifestly, and not in riddles.”

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