An Egg of Truth

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398) An egg of truth that emerges from a fowl that is in the fire and splits to four sides, two of them rise, one is lowered, and one crouches in the crouching of the great sea. Until the time when the egg hatches, it will be gone from the world.

The left line without right is considered harsh Dinim. It is called “a fowl that is in the fire.” Malchut is built primarily from the left line, and Malchut is called “an egg of truth.” Fledglings are considered ZA, and eggs are considered Malchut. An egg of truth that emerges from a fowl that is in the fire is Malchut that emerges and extends from the left line, which is in the fire of the Dinim.

The advice for canceling these Dinim is through the middle line, which raises the Masach de Hirik, which returns Malchut to Bina, and the degrees split into two halves. Then a Parsa is established between GAR and VAK, where in all the Behinot of GAR the Hochma disappears and illuminates only in VAK. For this reason, ZA, too, which is GAR, is regarded as covered Hassadim, and Malchut, which is VAK, is in illumination of VAK de Hochma.

Through the middle line, which raises Malchut to Bina, the egg splits to four sides, HB TM, where the GAR de HochmaHB, disappear, and only VAK de Hochma remain, TM. Hence, two rise from there: HB that disappear from Hochma, and one, who is ZATifferet, was lowered. He has no Hochma, but rather Hassadim covered from Hochma.

“And one crouches in the crouching of the great sea.” Crouching means VAK, since it is the way of one who crouches that he hides his legs, which are NHY. One who lacks NHY de Kelim will also lack the GAR of lights. Thus, although Malchut has Hochma, she has only VAK de Hochma, for she crouches in the crouching of Hochma, called “the great sea.”

However, it is not really so, since although ZA is in covered Hassadim, he was not lowered because of it. On the contrary, by that he obtained Mochin of holiness of upper AVI, whose Hassadim are finer than Hochma because the Hochma comes out from them to YESHSUT, and AVI are called holiness. It was said about Mochin of holiness of ZA, “And one was lowered,” meaning it was lowered and became secular.

Rabbi Shimon was a Merkava for ZA and had the Mochin of upper AVI, who are mouth to mouth. No Mochin is more important than them. At the end of correction, the matter of the fissuring of the degree will be cancelled, and the Parsa that separates between above the Chazeh and below the Chazeh, meaning the border that was made due to the fissuring of the degree, will be cancelled. Hence, MA and BON will return to being as AB SAG, and TM, as HB. And when Rabbi Shimon and his students completed the Idra Rabah, the end of correction illuminated on them, the canceling of the fissuring and the Parsa.

For this reason, those three friends, Rabbi Yosi, Rabbi Hizkiya, and Rabbi Yisa, whose soul was from below the Parsa, promptly departed because they rose to above the Parsa, and their form from below the Parsa departed with the Parsa that was cancelled. Their soul departed because of the departure of the Parsa, which is why it was said, “Until the time when the egg hatches, it will be gone from the world,” meaning until the correction comes. At the end of correction the egg will not hatch, meaning the fissuring of the degree will be cancelled, and then it will be gone from the world. It will be cancelled and included with the cancellation of the fissuring and the Parsa. At that time she will distinguish between holy and secular because she will depart and be like the degrees above the Parsa, which are upper AVIHB, and AB SAG, which are called “holy,” for then the end of correction illuminated.

399) In the days of Rabbi Shimon, a man would say to his friend, “Open your mouth and let your words illuminate.” After Rabbi Shimon passed away they would say, “Do not let your mouth make your flesh sinful,” meaning that they would not disclose a secret.

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