And If You Say, ‘What Shall We Eat on the Seventh Year?’

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52) “Trust in the Lord and do good; dwell in the land and cultivate faith.” One should always be cautious with one’s Master, and let his heart adhere to sublime faith, so he may be whole with his Master. When he is whole with his Master, no person in the world can harm him.

53) What is, “Trust in the Lord and do good”? In the awakening below, the action of the upper one awakens. “And do them” is seemingly, “You will do them,” since in your awakening, which you do below, there is awakening above. This is why it is written, “And do good.” Also, there is no good but the righteous, Yesod de ZA, as it is written, “Say that a righteous is good.” Since you do it, this good will certainly awaken above. And then, “Dwell in the land and cultivate faith,” and it is all one, since land and faith are both Malchut.

54) “Dwell in the land” is the upper land, Malchut, since no one in the world who can dwell with her until that good, Yesod de ZA, awakens to her. This is because Malchut without Yesod is filled with harsh Dinim. Since man awakened him through his good deeds, it is as though he did it. And then, “Dwell in the land,” dwell within it, in Malchut, and eat its fruit and play with it. “And cultivate faith” means land, Malchut, as it is written, “And Your faith in the night,” in Malchut. “And cultivate faith” means lead her wherever you wish.

55) If you do not awaken Yesod opposite her, the good, Yesod, departs him. And then, do not approach her, do not approach the burning furnace, for without Yesod, she is as full of Dinim [judgments] as a furnace. If you approach her, you should be fearful as one who fears death, for then she is a burning fire and she burns the world with her flames. And since he evokes good opposite her, dwell in her and you will not fear her.

56) The faithful ones lead Malchut according to their wish everyday. She observes what they command. The faithful ones are the ones who evoke good, meaning Yesod, opposite her, by giving alms and by not sparing what is theirs. They know that the Creator will give them more, since Yesod evokes blessings opposite it. And one should not say, “If I give this now, what will I do tomorrow?” Rather, the Creator will give him endless blessings.

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