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355) The red cow is called Bat-Sheba, who is Malchut. She is called a “cow” in regard to the left in her. The male is an ox, and the female is a cow. She is red because of the Gevurot. This is why everything is written about her in seven [Sheva]: seven cows, and seven mentions of a cow in the portion. There are also seven burnings, seven sprinklings, seven washes, seven impure ones, seven pure ones, seven priests, and Moses and Aaron are counted in the seven because they, too, are considered priests because it is written in the portion, “Red Cow,” “And the Lord spoke to Moses and to Aaron.”

The root of the red cow above is Malchut, Bat-Sheba, who consists of the seven Sefirot HGT NHYM. This is why a cow is written seven times in the portion, “Red Cow,” and seven burnings, etc., implying her seven Sefirot.

We could say that there are only seven times pure and impure, and seven priests are in the portion, but the rest are in there only five times. But the numbers five and seven are the same because in the seven Sefirot there are no more than five Sefirot HGT NH, and the Sefira Yesod adds nothing, as it only includes the five Sefirot HGT NH. And also, Malchut is the second one that includes the five Sefirot HGT NH. Thus, there are only five Sefirot in the seven Sefirot, and likewise, in the five Sefirot there are all seven Sefirot.

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