Two Female Spirits

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357) Adam separated himself from his wife for one hundred and thirty years, and did not beget. Because Cain killed Abel, Adam did not want to mate with his wife. From the time when death was sentenced on him and on the world, he said, “Why would I beget for annihilation?” Promptly, he parted from his wife.

358) Two female spirits would come and mate with him, and they delivered. Those whom they delivered were harm-doers in the world, and they are called “the afflictions of people.” These fly to people and stay at the door of the house and in the pits, and in the lavatories. For this reason, a person in whose door is the holy name Shadai, which is in the upper Sefirot, all the harm-doers flee and depart from him, as it is written, “Nor will any affliction come near your tent.” These are the aforementioned afflictions of people.

359) When Adam descended in the upper, holy form, and upper and lower saw him, all approached him and enthroned him over this world. Once the serpent came on Eve and cast the filth in her, she delivered Cain from that filth of the serpent. All the wicked of the world derive from there, and the sections of demons and spirits come from there and from its sides.

Because of it, all the spirits and demons in the world, half of them are from people below, and half are from high angels above, since they were born half from the serpent’s filth, on which Angel SAM was riding. This is why they are half from angels, and the other half is as people, since they were born from Cain, who was a man. And likewise, those other demons, when they were born from Adam through the two female spirits, were all in the same manner—half from the lower ones and half from the upper ones.

360) Once the demons were born from Adam HaRishon, he begot daughters from those spirits. They resembled the beauty of the upper ones and the beauty of the lower ones. This is why it is written, “And the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were good,” and everyone were straying after them. And there was one male who came to the world from the spirit of the side of Cain. He was called Tuval Cain. One female came out with him, and people were straying after her. She was called Naamah. Other spirits and demons came out from her, and they are hanging in the air and inform matters to those other ones who are in the world below.

361) Tuval Cain elicited tools for killing in the world. He was a polisher of iron and a coppersmith. Naamah was emotional in her emotions and clung to her side. Until now she stands and dwells in the noise of the great sea. She comes out and laughs at people, and is warmed by them in a dream with that man’s passion, then she clings to him and takes from him the passion, and not more. She conceives by that passion and elicits other kinds and demons to the world.

362) And these sons, the demons and spirits, whom she delivers from people, appear in a dream opposite the females from people. They conceive from them and deliver spirits. Everyone goes to the first Lilit and she raises them. She goes out to the world and seeks children. She sees people’s children and clings to them in order to kill them and cling to the spirit of people’s children, and she goes with that spirit. Then three holy spirits come there and fly before her, taking that spirit from her and putting it before the Creator, where they study before Him.

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