Delivers a Male Child

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22) All the spirits in the world are made of male and female. When they come out to this world, they emerge male and female. Afterwards, they divide according to their way. The spirit of the male dresses in a male, and the spirit of a female—in a female. Afterwards, if one is rewarded, they mate together, meaning with his mate, and they unite in one Zivug [coupling] in everything—spirit and body, as it is written, “Let the earth bring forth the living creature after its kind.” “After its kind” is that spirit of man that emerges with its similar mate.

23) “Let the earth bring forth” refers to Malchut, from whom the living creature [in Hebrew, “living Nefesh”] emerges. This is the spirit of Adam ha Rishon, who was born and came out of Malchut, as it is written, “But of the fruit of the tree which is in the midst of the garden.” “The fruit of the tree” is the Creator, ZA, called “the tree of life.” His fruit is the spirit of Adam ha Rishon. “Which is in the midst of the garden” means within the woman, who is called “garden” and Malchut, since the spirit of Adam ha Rishon came from a Zivug of ZA and Malchut.

“If a woman inseminates, she delivers a male child.” The woman, Malchut, delivers the souls, and delivers a male child. It is not included of male and female, as it is usually when the souls are born male and female, since through the sins of the lower ones, they cause the souls to not join male and female in Malchut, as they emerge above, in couples—male and female. This is why it is written, “She delivers a male child,” since what appears to this world is only a male, who is not included with a female.

24) Since Adam ha Rishon and Eve sinned before the Creator, they were divided into male and female, and were therefore divided into male and female, when they come out from above into this world. Thus, a male soul is born separately, and a female soul is born separately, until the Creator so wishes (if one is rewarded) that one is given one’s mate, the soul of the female, who was included with him above. If not, she is separated from him and is given to another, and they beget sons inappropriately.

This is why it is written, “My spirit shall not abide in man.” What is “My spirit”? It should have said “His spirit,” meaning man’s spirit. However, they are two spirits, for they emerge as couples. You need not pronounce “My spirit” in singular form, but in plural form. And the writing says that they should not abide together, for they emerge separated from one another. This is why it is written, “She delivers a male child,” without including male and female together, as is normally done above, since they caused it.

25) “She delivers a male child” means it is born from the Malchut into this world without a female. Yet, everyone comes as male and female, included together, and then divide and come separately into the male and separately into the female. But “She delivers a male child” means that the male and female are included together from the right side, which is considered male.

If she delivered a female it would mean that the female and male are included together from the left side, which is considered a female. Then the left side would be ruling over the right side, and the male on the right would yield and not dominate. In that state, such a male, who emerged from the NukvaMalchut, from her left side, all his ways are as a female, hence he would be called “female.” But a male that emerges from the right side of Malchut is the dominant, and the female that emerges with it surrenders, since the left side is not dominant. Hence, it is written about it, “She delivers a male child.”

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