Man Walks as a Mere Figure

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15) Then the spirit descends with one figure with it. A figure that has the shape of above is called “the image of God.” He is created in this image and walks in this world with this image, as it is written, “Man walks as a mere figure.” As long as the image is with him, a man persists in this world. If the image departs him, he dies. And there are two images that join together, and King Solomon warned people and said, “Until the day breathes and the shadows flee away.” Two.

16) In the book of the magicians of Asmodeus, I have found that those who wish to do magic from the left side and to cling to them will rise by the light of the candle, or in a place where his image is seen by the light of the moon, and will say, “These are the proper words for these charms.” He will call upon those sides of impurity by their names of impurity, and will summon his images to these names of impurity that he has called. And he should say that he is willingly being set up for their authority and their command. Then that person departs the domain of his master and the deposit of his master. This means that he is giving the soul that was given to him as a deposit from his master to the side of impurity.

17) And through these words of wizardry that he was saying, inviting them to his images, two spirits are seen, which are established in his images. They have the semblance of people and at times they alert him things to harm him and at times to benefit him. And those two spirits were not included in the body, for he did not make bodies for them before he sanctified the Sabbath. But now they are included in the images that man gave them, and they are established in them and tell a man things that harm him. This is the meaning of him departing his master’s authority and giving his deposit—the soul—to the side of impurity.

18) In one’s anger, one must not throw household utensils or anything of the sort, and give it to the Sitra Achra. He must not do so, for several investigators of law and judgment are ready to receive that thing. And from that time, no blessings will be upon him, for he is from the Sitra Achra. It is even more so with one who invites the Sitra Achra, the other one, over that high goodness, his image, since he invited them to his images.

19) When the time approaches for a person to leave this world, that high image he was given, that evil spirit that clung to him everyday comes and takes that image away from him, establishes itself in it and leaves. And that image will never return to a person, and he will know that he will be rejected from everything.

20) When the soul descends to the entrance to this world, she first descends to the Garden of Eden of the earth and sees the glory of the spirits of righteous standing column by column. Afterwards, she goes to hell and sees the wicked crying “Alas! Alas!” and no one pities them. She is given testimony of everything: the wicked testify how they are punished for each sin, and the righteous testify to the good reward that they receive for each Mitzva [good deed/commandment]. And that holy image stands over her until she leaves toward this world.

21) When she comes out to the world, that image comes to her and partakes with her and grows with her, as it is written, “Man walks as a mere figure.” And man’s days partake in that image and are dependent upon it. If it departs, man parts from this world, as it is written, “For we are but of yesterday, and know nothing, because our days upon earth are a shadow.” “Our days upon earth are a shadow” means that our days depend on this shadow, and from the day a woman conceives until the day she delivers, people do not know how great and how sublime are the deeds of the Creator, as it is written, “How manifold are Your works, O Lord.”

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