He Will Not See in You the Nakedness of Anything

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339) “For the Lord your God walks in the midst of your camp to deliver you.” The Lord your God” is the Shechina, who is in Israel, and especially so in the exile, to protect them from all sides and from all the other nations so they do not consume Israel.

340) Israel’s enemies could not harm them until Israel weakened the power of the Shechina before the appointed ministers of the rest of the nations. Then the enemies of Israel could overcome them and govern them, sentencing them to several evil decrees. When Israel return to her with repentance, the Shechina breaks the power and the courage of those appointed ministers, breaks the power and courage of the enemies of Israel, and avenges them for everything.

341) “And your camp will be holy.” A person needs to see that he is not defiled by his iniquities, or breaches the words of Torah. If he does so, he is defiled, as it is written, “And be defiled in them,” without an Aleph [in Hebrew, in the word “defiled”], which indicates excessive Tuma’a [impurity]. There are 248 organs in the body and all are defiled when it is defiled. When he wants to be defiled, he is defiled immediately. This is why it is written, “And your camp will be holy.” Your camp is the organs of the body. “And He will not see in you the nakedness of anything and turn away from you.” Do not cause foreign nakedness to Malchut, called “a thing.” If you do so, He will “turn away from you.” This is why “Do not uncover … the nakedness of your father’s wife,” since it is the nakedness of your father.

342) Three things detain Israel in exile:

They treat the Shechina with contempt in the exile.

They turn their faces away from the Shechina, as it is written, “For they have turned their backs to Me, and not their faces.

They defile themselves before the Shechina and do not fear that the Shechina is in exile with them.

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