Hesed Came and Separated Them from One Another

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370) “Do not uncover the nakedness of your father’s sister,” as it appeared in the state of Achoraim, when Malchut was the sister of ZA, who is your father. The meaning of the words is that he should not uncover the nakedness of Malchut from the state of Achoraim, when she was the sister of your father, who is ZA. It is written, “For the ways of the Lord are upright, and the righteous will walk in them.” Happy are the righteous who know the ways of the Creator and walk in them. They are known to them; happy are they.

371) The first HeyBina, conceived in love and fondness, meaning that the YodHochma, never parts from her. She conceived and elicited VavZA, who is the Vav inside the Hey. Afterward he stood in front of her, Vav, after the YodHey in the name HaVaYaH, and she nursed him. When that Vav came out of Bina, his mate, Malchut came out with him. It follows that the two are brother and sister, the children of Bina, and at that time they are attached back-to-back.

Hesed came, woke up to ZA, and separated them from one another. Then the stems came forth from below upward, the branches, ZA and Malchut, expanded and grew, and the bottom Hey was made. Her branches multiplied above until Malchut mated with the upper tree, ZA, and VavZA, connected with HeyMalchut. It was Hesed who caused all that, connecting them together.

372) The connection of Yod with the first HeyHB, is not dependent on Hesed, as are ZA and Malchut, but rather on MazlaDikna de ZA, which unites HB that never separate. Yod connects to the HeyHey connects to the VavVav connects to the bottom Hey, and Hey connects to everything, YodHeyVav. It is all one connection and one thing; they never part from one another. One who causes separation, it is as though he destroys the world. This is called “the nakedness of everything.”

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