Judgments of Body and Soul

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10) When the time comes for the soul to part with the body, the soul does not depart the body before Divinity appears before it, and the soul, out of joy and fondness of Divinity, departs the body toward it. If he is righteous, he connects with her and adheres to her. And if not, Divinity leaves him and the soul remains and walks and mourns for the separation from the body.

Allegory: When the cat does not leave the fire, sharpen the knife and it will follow you because it will think that you are about to cut meat. Thus, it will part with the fire. Here too, when the soul does not wish to leave the body, Divinity appears before it and parts toward it, and parts from the body.

11) Afterwards, they are both sentenced by the angel Duma. The body is sentenced in the grave until it returns to dust, and the soul is sentenced in the fire of hell by several judgments, until the time sentenced for it to be punished.

After receiving the punishment, it is time for her to be purified. Then she rises from hell and is whitened from her sins like iron that is whitened by fire, and angels rise with her until she enters the lower Garden of Eden, where she bathes in water and bathes in the perfumes that are there, as it is written, “Perfumed with myrrh and frankincense.” And she stands there until the time she has been sentenced to depart the place where the righteous sit, in the upper Garden of Eden.

12) And when it is her time to reach the upper Garden of Eden, she rises with her, degree by degree, until she approaches the altar as an offering, meaning she rises as MAN to Malchut, called “altar.” This is the meaning of the words, “This shall be the law of the leper in the day of his cleansing: he shall be brought unto the priest,” meaning the highest priest above, Angel Michael. This is a soul that was not defiled so in this world and can be corrected. Otherwise, it is a corruption that cannot be mended.

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