One who Slanders

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13) “The sun rises and the sun sets.” When the soul is with a person in this world, then the sun shines. The sun sets when a person leaves this world. If one repents, he aspires and rises to his place there. If he is righteous, the sun comes and purifies. When the sun comes and he passes away from the world, he is pure, and afterwards will eat from the holy.

14) The Creator atones for all the transgressions in the world through repentance, except slander, when one slanders against one’s friend. They asserted it as follows, “This shall be the law of the leper,” the law of one who gives a bad name. An anagram for Metzora [Hebrew: leper] is Motzi Ra [emitting evil]. Anyone who emits a bad name, all his organs are defiled and he should be closed, since that evil speech rises and evokes the spirit of impurity upon him, and he is defiled. One who comes to be defiled is defiled; in a lowly thing, another thing awakens.

15) “How the faithful city has become a whore.” How did one who was loyal to her husband return to being a whore? “She who was full of law,” “Law” is the Creator; “Justice” is the assembly of Israel, Malchut. And because the Sitra Achra is awakened by the sin of Israel, the Creator, called “law,” departed—from Malchut, called “justice—and the spirit of murderers is within her, as it is written, “But now murderers.” And if Jerusalem, the holy city, is so, the rest of the people are even more so, as it is written, “This shall be the law of the leper.”

16) “This,” which is Malchut, will certainly be against him, to avenge him—that slanderer. This is because a leper is made of the letters Motzi Ra [emitting evil]. “In the day of his cleansing: he shall be brought unto the priest.” This means that one in whom there is slander, his prayer does not come before the Creator because the spirit of impurity awakens over him. When he repents and has assumed repentance, it is written, “In the day of his cleansing: he shall be brought unto the priest.”

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