Nefesh and Ruach [Soul and Spirit]

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215) “My soul, I long for You at night; even my spirit within me seeks You.” My soul [Nefesh] and my spirit [Ruach] are the two lights Ruach and Nefesh clothed in the Guf [body].

216) Nefesh and Ruach always partake together. The complete work that a person needs to worship the Creator is as it is written, “And you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your might.” He should love the Creator truly with his soul. This is complete love, love of his soul and spirit. As the soul and the spirit clung in a body, and the body loves them, so should one love the Creator and cleave to Him, as the love of his soul and spirit, as it is written, “My soul, I long for You at night,” truly my soul, clothed in a body.

217) “Even my spirit within me seeks You,” that I may cling to You with great love in the night. One should rise each night out of love of the Creator to engage in His work until the morning rises and draws upon him a thread of grace [Hesed]. Happy is one who loves the Creator with this love. Those true righteous who love the Creator so, the world exists because of them and they govern all the harsh decrees above and below.

218) That righteous one who clings above to the holy king with his spirit and soul—with love as it should be—rules the earth below, and everything he sentences for the world comes true, as it is written about Elijah, “As the Lord lives, the God of Israel before whom I stood, there shall not be dew nor rain these years, but according to my word.”

219) When holy souls come from above downward, and the righteous of the world extend them from the king and queen, from Zivug ZON, few are rewarded, for at the time when she comes down to the world she stands and serves the king, and the king’s will is to look at her. Afterward she comes down to the world. When the Creator blew spirit [Ruach, but also wind] into every soul and every angel in heaven, all the hosts were made and were completed in their existence, as it is written, “By the word of the Lord were the heavens made; and all the host of them by the breath of His mouth.” Among the souls there are those who pause and stand before the Creator until He brings them down.

220) Since the day the world was created, the souls of the great righteous stand before the Creator and pause before Him. And the Creator looks at them until it is time to bring them down to earth to clothe a body. They govern above and below, as it is written about Elijah, “As the Lord lives, the God of Israel before whom I stood.” “I stood” means before he came to this world. Afterward, he returned to his place in heaven and went up to his chamber.

But other souls do not rise to their places until they die because they did not previously stand before the Creator at the same degree, such as Enoch and Elijah, who were rewarded with rising to their places while they were still alive. This is why Elijah became an emissary and an angel above, as did Enoch. Also, they adhered to the King more than an angel.

221) All the Holy Spirits above, meaning angels, work as the Creator’s emissaries, and they all come from one place. But the souls of the righteous come from two degrees that are included in one; hence, they rise higher than angels, and their degrees are more than those of angels. And all those who were hidden there descended and rose in their lives, like Enoch, in whom there was no death.

Two points are included in MalchutMan’ula [lock] and Miftacha [key]. All the lights extend only through the Miftacha, and the point of the Man’ula is concealed in it. This is why Malchut is called, “The tree of knowledge of good and evil,” since the people who extend from Malchut are good if they are rewarded and do not sin, when the point of Man’ula does not appear and he is awarded all the lights. And if one is not rewarded, it is bad, and the point of Man’ula appears on him. At that time, all the lights depart at once and thus death comes upon him, for Satan, the angel of death, awakens the point of Man’ula on the person, which causes the light of life to depart.

There is a virtue in angels that does not exist in people: angels extend only from the point of Miftacha, and have no part of the Man’ula. For this reason, they do not die. People, however, include the point of Man’ula, as well, and therefore die. But there is a virtue in people that does not exist in angels, since the angels have no burden of correction, as the Miftacha requires no correction, since it comes from Bina and it essentially comes only to correct the Man’ula. Thus, they always stand at the same degree as when they were created, and there are no ascents and descents in them.

But people, who contain a Man’ula, carry the entire burden of correction; hence, when they are rewarded, they rise and attain degrees that do not exist in the angels. And there are great souls in whom the Man’ula is so deeply hidden that it will never be fit of revealing. But they do not die, like Enoch, in whom there was no death.

222) 125,000 degrees for the souls of the righteous went up by the will of the Creator before the world was created. The Creator summons them in this world in each generation, and they rise and fly in the world, and connect to the bundle of life, Malchut. The Creator is destined to renew the world with them, as it is written, “For as the new heavens and the new earth, which I will make, shall stand before Me.”

The degree is not complete before there are five degrees NRNHY in it, each of which with five internal degrees NRNHY, and each of the internal ones has five degrees NRNHY inside the internal ones, which together make 125 degrees.

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