Seventy Sounds of the Woman in Labor

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211) Moses’ soul said, “Prior to the arrival of the Messiah, those authors of the Mishnah, authors of the high wisdom, authors of Kabbalah, authors of the secrets of the Torah, are in a hurry; they have nothing from which to receive sustenance, as it is written, “As the deer yearns for the water brooks.” The authors of the wisdom are the beds of water of the Torah for the Shechina, since the Torah is called “water,” but there is no Torah but the middle pillar, ZA, the middle line.

It is so because these beds of water, authors of the wisdom, from whom the Torah (water) emerges are afflicted, in grief, in poverty. These are the pangs and pains of the woman in labor, the Shechina, of whom it is written, “Let her who delivered you rejoice.” In what pangs will she be? In the affliction of the authors of the Torah and the wisdom, whose affliction is regarded as labor pangs of the Shechina.

212) Those labor pangs for which she shouts awaken seventy Sanhedrin above until her voice awakens up to HaVaYaH. And promptly, “The voice of the Lord makes the deer calve,” who are the authors of the Mishnah, as it is written, “The virgins, her companions who follow her, will be brought to You.” Everyone will have fear truly as a woman in labor, in the pressure that they are rushed by several bites of the evil inclination, the serpent, which bites them with several kinds of pressures.

213) At that time she opens to give birth to the Messiah thanks to the pangs and the pressure of the righteous, the virtuous, the authors of the secrets of the Torah, who are shamed and humbled, fearful and loving, who are merciful men of strength who fear God, men of truth who loathe greed, and whose time is pressing. It is as we learn that in the generation when the son of David comes [Messiah son of David], mighty men will go from city to city and will not have pity. Then those who fear sin will be loathed, and the wisdom of authors shall go astray, the truth will be absent, the vineyard will give its fruit, and the wine will be costly.

214) By those seventy voices that she gives opposite the seventy words in the psalm, “The Lord will answer you in the day of trouble,” her womb opens. It is two—the womb walls—consisting of two chambers from which to beget two Messiahs: Messiah son of David, and Messiah son of Joseph. She puts her head between her knees. Her Rosh [head] is the middle pillar, ZA. Her knees are her two thighs, NH, two prophets. The two Messiahs are born from there. At that time it is written, “And strips forests bare,” when the Hochma is revealed and the serpent passes away from the world, since the light of Hochma destroys all the Klipot.

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