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255) Happy are the righteous in this world and in the next world for they are all holy. Their body is holy, their soul [Nefesh] is holy, their spirit is holy, and their soul [Neshama] is the Holy of Holies. There are three degrees, NRN, such as above, corresponding to MalchutTifferet, and Bina of above. It is written, “Let the earth bring forth a living soul.” This is the soul of Adam HaRishon. They are three degrees and they adhere together: NefeshRuachNeshama.

256) In each person there is an animate soul, and there is a high soul, the spiritual soul. If a man is rewarded with that soul, a crown is lowered upon him, called Ruach, as it is written, “Until the spirit be poured upon us from on high.” At that time the man awakens with another, high awakening, to look into the ways of the holy king. If a person is rewarded with that spirit, he is crowned with a high Sefira that includes everything, called Neshama, for she is called “the Neshama [soul] of God.”

257) It is written in Solomon’s book, “I praise the dead who have already died.” Because it is written, “I praise the dead,” why does he also say that they have died? However, they have already died in this world, in the work of their Master; they put themselves to death in work of their Master, and the Torah does not exist unless in one who puts himself to death over it.

258) The Creator has made three sections to the righteous, to their NRN, after their demise. One is for the souls of the righteous who did not part from this world and who are in this world. It is so because the soul of the deceased does not depart from this world. When the world needs mercy and the living people are in pain, they pray a prayer for them, and go and inform the matter to the sleepers of Hebron, the patriarchs, who wake up and rise to the Garden of Eden of the earth. There the spirits of the righteous clothe in crowns of light and consult with them. They sentence, and the Creator does as they wish and has mercy on the world.

259) Those souls of the righteous are in this world to protect the living people. This is called Nefesh. It does not depart from this world and remains in this world to observe, know, and protect the generation. The dead know the affliction of the world, and the punishment of the wicked in the land is in that Nefesh, as it is written, “And that soul shall be cut off from its people.”

260) The second section is the Garden of Eden of the earth. In it, the Creator has made respectful, high sections, similar to this world and similar to the upper world. That is, they consist of Malchut and Bina. A garden is Malchut, and Eden is Bina. The palaces are also in two manners, like the sections; they cannot be counted. Each day, trees, herbs, and scents go up, and in that place is the Ruach [spirit] of those righteous. This is the section in which that Ruach stays, and each Ruach dresses in a garment of honor, similar to this world, and similar to the upper world.

261) The third section is the high and holy section called “the bundle of life,” the upper Garden of Eden. There the high and holy degree is refined, the one called Neshama. It clings to be delighted in the upper Eden, and it is written about it, “Then you will delight in the Lord, and I will make you ride on the heights of the earth,” for the Garden of Eden is called “the heights of the earth.”

262) When the world needs mercy, the Nefesh of the worthy righteous, which is in the world in order to protect it, rises, walks, and wanders in the world, informing the Ruach. The Ruach rises and is crowned and informs the Neshama, and the Neshama to the Creator. Then the Creator has mercy on the world, and it descends from above downward—the Neshama informs the Ruach, and the Ruach informs the Nefesh.

263) Each Sabbath and first day of the month, the NefeshRuach, and Neshama connect and crown themselves together until they join to come and bow before the high king. Afterward they return to their places, as it is written, “And it shall come to pass that from one new moon to another, and from one Sabbath to another, all flesh shall come to bow before Me.”

264) When the world needs mercy—and the living go and inform the Nefashot [pl. of Nefesh] of the righteous, and cry on their graves, and they are worthy of informing them because they place their will to attach Nefesh to Nefesh—the Nefashot of the righteous awaken and gather. They walk and wander to the sleepers of Hebron, informing them of the affliction of the world, and all of them ascend to the door of the Garden of Eden informing the Ruach. High angels walk among these Ruchot [pl. of Ruach] that are crowned in the Garden of Eden, and they all inform the Neshama, and the Neshama informs the Creator. Then everyone asks for mercy on the living, and the Creator has mercy on the world because of them. It is about that that Solomon said, “I praise the dead who have already died.”

265) Is there anyone who knows how to inform the dead but us? The affliction that people are afflicted informs them. The Torah informs them. When no one knows how to inform the Nefashot of the righteous, a book of Torah is brought out near the graves, and they awaken over the Torah being revealed in this place. At that time Angel Dumah informs them.

266) And they know that the world is afflicted and the living are unworthy, and they do not know they should inform them. At that time everyone cries out over the Torah that we have failed and she has been exiled to this place. If people repent and cry wholeheartedly, and repent before the Creator, they all gather and ask for mercy, informing those sleepers of Hebron, and enter and inform the Ruach in the Garden of Eden.

267) But if they do not repent wholeheartedly, asking and crying over the affliction of the world, woe to them, for they all gather in vain. They say, “Who caused the holy Torah to be exiled by them without repentance?” And they all come to mention their iniquities. For this reason, they should not go there without repentance and without torment, to ask pleas before them. And when the world is most afflicted, they all connect, the whole NRN, to ask for mercy on the world.

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