One Who Calls Up the Dead

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252) The last of these bottom Sefirot, which are not holy, is as it is written, “One who calls up the dead.” It is the tenth among all the SefirotMalchut of the Sitra Achra. It so because there are ten kinds of charms in this verse, corresponding to the ten Sefirot of the Sitra Achra. The souls of the wicked who died are the harm-doers of the world. The verse, “One who calls up the dead” concerns them.

253) Therefore, it is good for the wicked that they become harm-doers in the world. Where is the punishment of Hell? Where is the bad that awaits them in that world? When the souls of the wicked depart from the world, several seekers of Din are ready to receive them and bring them to Hell. They are put through three Dinim each day in Hell, then the harm-doing angels connect to them, and they walk and wander in the world, misleading the wicked, those for whom repentance has already been blocked. Afterward they are brought back to Hell and they are sentenced there. So it is each day.

254) After the harm-doing angels walk with them and wander with them in the world, they return them to their grave, where they see the worms of the body pecking on their flesh, and the souls mourn the bodies. Those charmers go to the graveyard and charm with their charms, make an image of a man, and offer before him a goat. Then they bring the goat into that grave and break that image to four directions, raising it to the four angles of the grave, then charm with their charms. These groups gather, and those evil kinds, and they bring that soul, which enters the grave and speaks with them.

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