She Seeks Wool and Linen

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166) “The leprosy of Naaman shall cling to you and to your seed forever.” If he sins, why are his sons stricken? Elisha saw more than the rest of the prophets. He saw that no decent son would come out of Gehazi; hence, he cursed all of them.

167) Moreover, he told him, “I served a sublime service under Elijah, and I was rewarded with twice the spirit of Elijah, for I was serving in truth. But you are wicked and you blemished me, for you have sworn a lie and you coveted the gift of Naaman. Thus, you have broken the whole of the Torah, and one who breaks it is dead for the next world. But since you were working for me, your service will not be futile, and your death will be in this world and not in the next.” For this reason, “The leprosy of Naaman shall cling to you and to your seed.”

168) Why the garments of wool or linen? He should have just said garment. The plague is present everywhere and governs everything. Wool comes from Bina and linen from Malchut, and the plague governs both. It is written, “She seeks wool and linen.” This teaches us that Malchut is using both. For this reason, here, too, it teaches us that the dominion of this affliction, which comes out of a high place, from the judgments of the Malchut in Bina, governs the wool and the linen. This is why the text says, “This is the law for the mark of leprosy in a garment of wool or linen.”

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