Who Builds His House without Righteousness (2nd Essay)

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172) Do you know if another person was damaged in the house? I know that a man was harmed in it, and they say it is a disease. But others say that the spirit in the house harmed him. Afterwards, several people went in and were not harmed. A house that was built without righteousness, the spirit of impurity is in it. It harms its dwellers and woe unto those that breach their words.

173) Woe unto one who builds his house without righteousness, for wherever there is righteousness, Malchut, all the spirits and all the damagers in the world flee him and avoid being before him. Yet, he who comes first and takes the place wins it. If the holy Malchut takes the place first, holiness wins it. But if the Sitra Achra comes to the place first, the Sitra Achra wins it. Thus, is the Holy Name equal to the spirit of impurity, that you say that whoever comes first wins it?

174) This is not so. Rather, the Holy Name, which is Malchut, is not present in a place of impurity. For this reason, if the Holy Name takes the place first, all the spirits and damagers in the world cannot be seen there, much less come near it. And if the spirit of impurity precedes, it takes the place and the Holy Name is not in it, for this is not its place.

175) And when the plague of leprosy would come down to the house, it would purify the place and would bring out the spirit of impurity from its place. Afterwards, the house is shattered, the wood, the stones, and everything, and he builds it from the start, on the holy side, in righteousness, mentioning the Holy Name and instilling holiness in it. And yet, he will build it with different dust and will remove the house two handbreadths from its place, from the first foundation.

176) And now that he is not seen and there is no one to descend and fight that spirit of impurity, to remove it from its place, since now there are no plagues in the house, what is the correction of a house in which the spirit of impurity has sat first? If one can take it out of the house by himself, good. If not, he should build from the start, with different stones and woods and all, and will take it out and remove it from its initial place, and will build it for the Holy Name.

177) Still, the spirit of impurity does not leave the first place, and holiness is not present in an impure place. Thus, why trouble himself so, to tear down the house and rebuild it in a different place, when there are no plagues? It is written, “That which is crooked cannot be made straight.” This is so because since the ruin of the Temple, since there are no plagues, there is no cure in the world. This is why one must be careful and keep himself from the spirit of impurity, and not dwell in this house anymore.

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