Ten Kinds of Hochma

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248) The Creator, who is Ein Sof, elicited ten Sefirot, holy crowns above, by which He is crowned and clothed. He is they, and they are He, like a flame that grips a cinder. There is no separation whatsoever between Ein Sof and the Sefirot that clothe him. Opposite that are ten Sefirot that are not holy, that are below, gripping the filth of the nails of one holy Sefira, called HochmaMalchut, who is called “lower Hochma.” The illuminations of her Achoraim is called “nails,” and the Klipot grip to their waste, called “the filth of the nails.” This is why they are called Hochmot [pl. of Hochma].

249) Ten kinds of Hochma de Klipot came down to the world, and all but one were given and defiled in Egypt. That one expanded through the world except for Egypt. And they are all kinds of charms, and from them the Egyptians knew more charms than all the people of the world. When the Egyptians wanted to collect charms for their actions, they would go out to the field, to the high mountains, and sacrifice offerings. They would dig in the earth and turn the blood around those diggings. The rest of the blood would gather in the diggings, and they would place the flesh on top of it and offer the offerings to those evil kinds. And those evil kinds assemble and come near together, and reconcile with them on that mountain.

250) Israel, who were enslaved by Egypt, would approach them and learn from them, and they would err after them, as it is written, “After the doings of the land of Egypt, where you dwelt, you shall not do, and after the doings of the land of Canaan, where I bring you, you shall not do.”

And it is written, “And they shall no more sacrifice their sacrifices unto the hairy ones, after whom they fornicate.” When they would sacrifice for them on the field and would prepare the blood and sacrifice their sacrifices, all those evil kinds would gather. They saw them as goats, that they were all filled with hair, and they would inform them what they wanted.

251) It is written, “And Jacob approached his father Isaac and he felt him.” Jacob was lacking only the dew of heaven that drips on the earth. He lacks nothing but the abundance of ZA, who is called “heaven,” who is the light of Hassadim, as he is a Merkava [chariot/assembly] for ZA. But he does not need illumination of Hochma. And he blessed him with everything, with Hassadim and with Hochma, as it is written, “And God will give you of the dew of heaven, and of the oils of the earth.” “The oils of the earth” are illumination of Hochma.

He blessed him with illumination of Hochma because he saw him with hair, with Dinim. He said, “To remove this from him, he needs the oils of the earth, illumination of Hochma, but not the filth of the earth, like the Sitra Achra, who sucks from the filth of the nails. That filth is from the earth, Malchut, and when the dew of heaven and the sweetness of the earth—ZA and Malchut—unite, the filth is removed.

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