That Which Goes Up On Its Firewood upon the Altar All Night

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1) “And the Lord spoke unto Moses in Mount Sinai, saying: Speak …” “This is the law of the burnt-offering.” We assert this verse in the assembly of Israel, that she rises and joins the Holy King in a complete Zivug.

2) “It is that which goes up on its firewood upon the altar all night.” When the night comes and the gates are closed, low Dinim [judgments] awaken in the world. And donkeys and mares and dogs walk and wander. In the first shift, a donkey brays, and dogs and mares do not wander and do not walk, but are used for charming people. Such was Balaam, who was riding his mare. Then, all the people in the world sleep, and the lower altar on the outside burns, meaning Malchut, when she is full of Dinim.

3) At midnight, a northern wind awakens and a flame of fire comes out of the lower altar, Malchut. Then the gates open and low DinimDinim de Nukva, gather in their holes and that flame walks and wanders, and the gates of the Garden of Eden open. Finally, that flame reaches and divides into several sides of the world and enters under the wings of that rooster, and it calls.

4) Then the Creator is among the righteous and the assembly of Israel praises the Creator until the morning comes. When the morning comes, they tell with one another as one. In the third shift, a woman speaks with her husband and she has rest in her husband. It is written, “On its firewood upon the altar all night.” All through the night, she burns in her Dinim, until the morning, since in the morning the Dinim and the flames quiet. Then Abraham awakens in the world, meaning Hesed, and this is contentment for all.

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