Then the Land Shall Have a Sabbath for the Lord

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5) When Israel entered the land, there were no low Dinim in it, meaning Dinim de Nukva, and the assembly of Israel—Malchut—had contentment on the wings of the Cherubim. Then she had contentment from everything, since Israel did not sleep until they offered the offering in the twilight and the Dinim departed and the offering was burning on the altar. At that time, she had contentment from everything and there was only a woman in her husband, as it is written, “Then the land shall have a Sabbath,” meaning rest, without Dinim, “Then the land shall have a Sabbath for the Lord,” without any Dinim at all.

6) “If you buy a Hebrew slave, six years he shall work.” This is so because everyone in Israel who was circumcised has a holy Reshimo [imprint] in him, and he has rest during a Shmita [a once-every-seven-years abstention from land-cultivation], for this Shmita is his, meaning Malchut, to rest in it. This is called “the Sabbath of the earth,” and there is certainly freedom from the Klipot in it, rest from the Dinim. As the Sabbath is rest for everyone, the Shmita is rest for everyone, rest for the spirit and rest for the body. This is why it is written, “Six years he shall work; and in the seventh he shall go out free.”

7) Hey is rest of the upper and lower. This is why there is the upper Hey de HaVaYaHBina, and the lower Hey de HaVaYaHMalchut. The upper Hey is rest of the upper ones, and the lower Hey is rest of the lower ones. The upper Hey is seven years seven times, the forty-nine gates of Bina, and the lower Hey is only seven years. The lower one is called Shmita, and the upper one is called “Jubilee” [fifty-year anniversary]. The Mochin of illumination of Hochma bring rest, and illumination from below upwards is rest, as well. The source of disclosure of Hochma is in the upper Hey de HaVaYaH, in Bina. However, nothing extends from there to the lower ones, but only Malchut receives from her.

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