The Connection between Torah and Prophets

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184) “Bind up the testimony, seal the law [Torah] among my disciples.” Bind up the testimony is the testimony of David, Malchut, as it is written, “And My testimony which I will teach them.” “Bind up” means bonding, as one who binds a knot in one place. “Bind up the testimony” means the bound Malchut. “Seal the law [Torah],” which is ZA, meaning that all the abundance and Gadlut extended from above, its sealing, the completion, is in “My disciples,” who are NH, and are called “the disciples of the Creator.”

This is so because there the Gadlut and the oil gather between two pillars, NH, to be there. They are the place of all the Gadlut and the oil that pours from above, from Tifferet, who is called Torah, to pour it into the Peh of Yesod, and to pour it in this testimony, Malchut. Then, everything binds into one strong bond, and will be as it is written, “Bind up the testimony,” tying the Malchut by sealing the law “Among my disciples,” where the abundance of Torah is sealed, ended in NH, and from them to Yesod. Then, Malchut is tied to Yesod, to receive the abundance, and everything becomes one knot.

185) What is the connection between those who engage in Torah and the faithful prophets? Those who engage in Torah are always more important than prophets, since they stand at a higher degree than prophets. This is so because those who engage in Torah are standing at a higher place, which is called Torah, ZA, who is the sustenance of all the faith, which is Malchut, who has nothing except that which ZA gives her.

And the prophets stand below Chazeh de ZA, in NH. For this reason, those who engage in Torah are more important than prophets and are higher than them, since these stand above and those stand below. And those who say things in the spirit of holiness stand below everyone, since the spirit of holiness extends from the Malchut, who is below everyone.

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