The King’s Best Man, the Mistress’ Bridesmaid

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22) “The Lord called unto Moses, and spoke unto him out of the tent of meeting, saying.” It writes, “called” with a small Aleph [in Hebrew], to show who was calling unto Moses, that it was the one who is in the Temple, which is Malchut. And then she invited Moses over to her, as one who invites a guest. Here it writes with a small Aleph and there it writes with a big Aleph, meaning Adam, Seth [Shet], Enosh, for the big Aleph is Bina, the perfection of everything. The small letters are in Malchut; the big letters are in Bina.

23) What is the connection between Moses and Aaron? Which of them is higher? Moses is higher because he is the King’s best man, while Aaron is the queen’s best man. There is an allegory about a king who had a high mistress. He gave her a best man to correct her and watch over the things in the house. Hence, when the best man comes to the king, he comes only with the mistress, as it is written, “With this shall Aaron come into the holy place,” with Malchut, called “this,” as he is her best man. Best man means a friend, since “But Amnon had a friend” is translated as best man. But usually, this title is used for a bride and a groom, meaning the best men of the groom and the bride’s maids of the bride.

24) Moses was the King’s best man. This is why he came into Malchut like a guest, as it is written, “called,” with a small Aleph. Afterwards, “The Lord called unto Moses, and spoke unto him.” Aaron is the best man of the mistress, Malchut, and all his words were to make the king pleased with the queen, and the king was pleased with her. Therefore, because Aaron is the queen’s best man, he made his dwelling place with her, to correct the house and to always watch over the things in the house. This is why he was corrected to be such as above, like Hesed de [of] ZA, and he is called “the high priest,” for Hesed is a priest, to correct the Malchut, which is called Melchizedek.

25) For this reason, he took anything that he needed from the king’s house, and there was no one who could stop him. This, also, is why he stands to purify all who enter the queen’s house, so that none who are impure will be among the sons of the palace. This is why it is written, “To take for him that is to be cleansed two living clean birds.”

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