Happy Are All Who Support Her

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20) “She is a tree of life to those who take hold of her, and happy are all who support her.” The tree of life is the Torah, a high and mighty tree. She is called Torah because it instructs and reveals what was hidden and unknown. She is called “life” because all the upper life is included in her and stem from her.

“To those who take hold of her,” meaning those who are gripped to her, for one who is gripped unto the Torah is gripped unto everything—gripped above and below. “And happy are all who support her.” Who are her supporters? Those who cast stock, who give money for merchandise in the pocket of disciples of the wise, so they may trade with the money and partake in the profit.

21) Her supporters are those who are rewarded with having sons, who are worthy of being loyal prophets, for the Torah implies Tifferet, the Guf [body] of ZA. And Netzah and Hod, which are the prophets, are legs that support the Tifferet, which is the Torah, like the legs of the body. Hence, those who support the Torah are rewarded with sons who are prophets.

Meushar [happy] should be read as Merosho [from his head], for Netzah and Hod support the Torah, ZA, from his Rosh [head] to his Sof [end], like legs that support the body from head to toe. From his Rosh, the Rosh of everything, Hochma, the Rosh of the whole body, Tifferet. And the Guf [body] spreads through the end of the six edges, HGT NHY.

“Who support her,” “His legs are as pillars of marble,” meaning Netzah and Hod, for those who cast stock in the pockets of disciples of the wise support the Torah from the Rosh to the Sium [end] of the GufYesod. And the whole of the faith—Malchut—depends on the Guf, the Torah. And he is supported and is awarded sons who are fit to be loyal prophets.

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