The Meaning of Slave and the Meaning of Son

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79) There are two degrees above with which one should crown himself. They are the meaning of faith and they are one. The first is a slave and the second is a son.

The degree of slave above is called “The Lord of the whole earth,” Malchut, where illumination of Hochma on the left appears, meaning the female light. And the degree of son above, “My son, My firstborn, Israel,” is ZA, when he is a son to upper AVI, at which time he is called “Israel,” male light, and all is faith. One should crown himself with these degrees of son and slave above and be included in faith.

The man below should first receive the discernment of slave, which is illumination of Hochma from Malchut, called “The Lord of the whole earth.” Afterwards, when he receives Hassadim from ZA, which is the son of AVI, they are to them as male lights, GAR. However, if there is no degree of slave in him but only the degree of Hassadim, he considers them as VAK without a Rosh [head] and they are not at all the degree of son.

However, when he is completed in Hochma from Malchut, the Hassadim are considered GAR, since because of that, Malchut is considered an opening for ZA to enter. Also, he should be crowned in both, or else they are not GAR at all, since Hassadim de ZA without Hochma de Malchut are VAK, and Hochma de Malchut without Hassadim de ZA is VAK.

80) He should be at the degree of a slave, to exert in all kinds of work in prayer, which is called “work,” like that slave, which is Malchut, who never rests and always praises and plays for ZA. All the works and things that are done in all the worlds are all done and performed by Malchut. This is why she is called a “master,” since she is as a slave, toiling and extending livelihood and abundance to all the worlds. This is why she is called “The Lord of the whole earth.” And a man who is crowned with the discernment of slave in Malchut, being a slave and toiling in his master’s service, rises and is crowned at the degree of a slave. He, too, is called a “master,” since he blesses in all the toils of this world, which is Malchut, and sustains it. This is why he, too, is called a “master.”

81) Now it explains the degree of son. Happy is that son who was rewarded with exerting to know the secrets of his Father and all the secrets of His home, as an only son whose Father introduced him into all His secrets. This is the glory of the son who rules over all. One who exerts in Torah to know the Creator and His secrets is called “a son to the Creator.” Of all the hosts of heaven, there is none who can protest against him entering his Father at any time he needs to enter. Happy is he in all the worlds. For this reason, one who exerts to know his Father in a particular manner, in the Hochma in the right of ZA, he is called a “son.”

82) In the work that a man does for the Creator, there is work in which man should be included in both, to be a slave and a son, to be crowned in the Creator. What is it? It is the work of prayer, in which man should be a slave and a son, to be included in these two high degrees—in ZA and in Malchut—to work and to establish a prayer as a slave, to exert in the work of correcting the worlds, which is the degree of slave and Malchut, to attach his desire to the Hochma on the right, and to cling to His master in the high secrets, which is the degree of son and ZA.

83) When a son always clings to his father without any separation, there is no one who can protest against him. A servant does his master’s work and corrects the corrections of the worlds. One who has both, a son and a slave included as one, in conjunction, this person corrects all the faith, the Malchut into one whole with ZA without any separation and unites everything together. This is a man of whom the Creator declares in all the armies and camps of all the worlds and firmaments, “Notice so-and-so, who is the King’s trusted one, who has all his Master’s secrets in his possession.” Happy is he in this world and happy is he in the next world.

84) From that day forth, that man is known and is registered in all the worlds, for all the armies and camps should be with him, and the Creator no longer needs a thing from him, other than himself, since all the worlds stand on him. Then a voice awakens and declares of that man, “He is comely for the Only One, to be with the Only One,” the Creator, “and to engage One in One.”

85) The meaning of those two degrees, son and slave, is found in the words, “And He said unto me, ‘You are My servant, Israel, in whom I will be glorified.’” “And He said unto me, ‘You are My servant” is the degree of slave, left line, Malchut. “Israel” is the degree of son, right line, ZA. When they are included as one, it is written, “In whom I will be glorified.”

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