The Order of Writing the Name HaVaYaH

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170) One who does not know how to write the holy name properly and tie the tie of faith, the connection of one in one, of ZA and Malchut, as it is written, “The Lord [HaVaYaH] is one and His name, ‘One,’” to unite the holy name, it is written about him, “For he has degraded the name of the Lord, and has broken His commandment. That soul shall be cut off entirely, his iniquity shall be upon him,” even if he causes the loss of one degree or one unification, or one letter from among them.

171) The Yod in the beginning of the name HaVaYaH is the whole of everything. It is blocked on all sides, no trails open in her, and she comprises male and female, which are upper AVIYod is Abba; the filling of the YodVav Dalet are Ima. They are blocked and do not open. The tip on top of the Yod implies naught, Keter, which is called “naught,” since there is zero attainment in him.

Subsequently, she elicited the Yod out of her, which is Eden, that river that extends and emerges, which is Bina, and that she would be impregnated by him with a boy and a girl, which are Vav Dalet. And Bina is the letter Hey, whose shape implies ZA and Malchut impregnated within her, which are the form of Dalet Vav. It is written about this letter Hey, “And a river went out of Eden,” It always goes out, and not “went out,” in past tense. This is why the Hey need not part from the YodHey and Yod are as two friends who never part from one another.

172) A river means one, and there are three, Bina that is impregnated with ZA and Malchut. The Yod elicited three, and everything was included in three. The Yod elicited a river before it, Bina, and two sons, which Ima nurses and from whom she is impregnated, when she later elicited them. The letter Hey is as the form of the Dalet, in which there is a VavVav is the cut leg inside the HeyDalet Vav are the boys under AVI, from which Ima is impregnated.

173) After Bina gave birth, she elicited a male boy, ZA, and placed him before her. Then we must write a Vav, implying the son, ZA, after he was born and emerged outside, to his place. This son inherits the lot of AVI, receiving the Mochin of YodHey, which are AVI, although they do not belong to him with regard to his emanation. However, because three come out of one, one is rewarded with the three of them, it is regarded as though they come to him by inheritance.

ZA inherits two parts—one for himself and one for Malchut, and the daughter is nourished by him. This is why we should later write VavHey together, consecutively. As the first Hey is connected with the Yod, which are YodHey, and there is no need to separate them, here, too, VavHey are together and there is no need to separate them.

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