EKYEH Asher EKYEH [I Am that I Am]

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164) It is written, “And God said to Moses, ‘EKYEH Asher EKYEH [I Am that I Am].’” What does it mean?

165) The name EKYEH is the inclusive, upper AVIGAR de Bina, who are always as it is written, “For he desires mercy.” They never receive Hochma because the Yod blocks their Avir [air] and never comes out of them, and they are included in Rosh AA. It is so because being in GAR de Bina, desiring mercy, they are regarded as never having left Rosh AA. Then they are called EKYEH, which is the whole of everything, blocked, and does not become revealed.

166) After the beginning of the disclosure of Mochin comes out of Him, and that river, YESHSUT is conceived with ZON, to extend everything, He is called, Asher EKYEH […that I am]. EKYEH [lit. I will be], I am destined to extend and beget everything; now I am the whole of everything, including every detail of every degree. Asher EKYEH [lit. “…that I will be”] means that ImaBina, was impregnated and is ready to elicit all the details and reveal the name of the upper one, HaVaYaH.

Once upper AVI are emanated and YESHSUTZAT de Bina, come out, and the Yod in them exits the Avir, and their Bina and TM that fell to ZON return to their degree, to Bina, and also take ZON with them and raise them to Bina, by that ZON are regarded as having been impregnated in Bina.

YESHSUT, in whom the Yod exits the Avir and the light of Hochma appears, are regarded as the beginning of the disclosure of the Mochin. Their Bina and TM extended ZON to Bina, which is regarded as Bina being impregnated with ZON to extend everything, ZON. At that time she is called EKYEH Asher EKYEH, which means “I am destined to extend and beget everything.” By that she became ready to beget all the Mochin de ZON. Now I am the whole of everything, since by that she became fit to elicit all the degrees of ZON and of BYA, to elicit all the details and disclose the upper name, HaVaYaH, the name of ZA in Gadlut.

167) Subsequently, Moses wanted to know the specifics of the matters, the actual correction of the Mochin in YESHSUT in three lines, from which the Mochin de ZA emerged and were emanated. Finally, the Creator interpreted for him and said, “Thus shall you say to the children of Israel: ‘EKYEH [I am] has sent me to you.’” The name EKYEH is the specific of YESHSUT. This is why it is not written here, Asher EKYEH [that I am]. Asher [that] means that the palace, which is Bina, is connected with Eden, which is HochmaAsher comes from the word Osher [happiness]. EKYEH means that she is ready to give birth.

Through the ascent of Malchut in the place of Bina de Rosh AABina emerged from Rosh de AA to the Guf, as it is written, “And a river,” which is Bina, “came out of Eden,” HochmaRosh de AA. The Ibur of ZON in Bina is when Malchut descends back from Bina to her place, and her Bina and TM return to her. At that time the Rosh de AA also brings back the Bina and TM that went out of him, and BinaYESHSUT, returns to Eden. This is why at that time she is called Asher, from the words Osher and success, as she returned to Rosh AA, which is Eden.

Asher means that the palace, which is Bina, is connected in Eden, which is Hochma. The palace, YESHSUT, has been tied again to Eden in Rosh de AA. At that time Bina is in a high Zivug with upper AVI, for which she is called Asher, and this is all of her success.

However, afterward, at the time of birth, YESHSUT emerge from Rosh de AA once again, and part from the Zivug with upper AVI, and then Bina is called simply EKYEH, without Asher, since she has parted from Eden.

168) How He descended from degree to degree to announce the meaning of the holy name to Moses. In the beginning, EKYEH is the inclusion of everything. It is blocked and not revealed at all, which are upper AVI, as it is written, “And I was with him as a master craftsman.” It is also written, “No human knows its value, and it will not be found in the land of the living.” Thus, Hochma, upper AVI, is blocked. It is written about it, “No human knows its value,” since the Hochma disappears in them and is not known at all.

Subsequently, upper AVI emanated the river, upper Ima, who conceived and is destined to give birth. It is written, Asher EKYEH, meaning I am willing to give birth and correct everything. Afterward she began to deliver. And then it is not written, Asher, because at the time of delivery the upper Zivug parts. Rather, it is written, EKYEH, which will now elicit and deliver and will correct everything.

169) After everything came out and each was established in his place, meaning after ZA was born and came down to his place, he left all the names and said, HaVaYaH. This is a specific, the specific degree of ZA, which is not connected with Ima. It is the Mochin de ZA, called “existence.” At that time Moses knew the meaning of the holy name that is concealed and revealed, and clung to it as no other person in the world has clung.

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