This Is the Animal

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98) “And the Lord spoke unto Moses and to Aaron, saying unto them: ‘…This is the animal that you may eat.’” It writes Aaron because he always separates the impure from the pure, since Aaron is Hesed and illumination of HochmaHaya, and the difference between an impure and pure Haya [animal] is only in the Hesed.

The impure cling to the left line, which is separated from the right, Hochma without Hassadim, from which all the darkness and judgments extend. And the pure ones cling to the left line that is included in the right, when Hochma is clothed in Hesed, from which all the blessings and all the sanctities extend. The words, “This is the animal” imply illumination of Hochma, called, “light of Haya.” The difference between a pure Haya and an impure one is only in the Hesed, the discernment of Aaron; this is why this verse speaks to Moses and to Aaron.

99) “Who is the man who desires life?” Life is called, “the next world,” Bina, where there is life. The tree of life is a tree, ZA, from this life, the light of Bina, a tree that was planted in this life. This is what the words, “Who is the man who desires life?” speak of.

100) “…and loves days, that he may see good?” Days are the name of the Holy King. Malchut is called, “a name.” She clings to the upper days, HGT NHY de [of] ZA and receives them. It is said about them, “and loves days.” They are called, “as the days of the heavens above the earth.” The days of the heavens are HGT NHY de ZA, which are received by Malchut, called “earth.”

And one who desires the life above, to have a share in them, for they are the light of Bina that is received in the tree of life, ZA, and one who desires the upper days, HGT NHY de ZA that are received in Malchut, to cling to them and to love them, will guard his mouth from anything. He will keep his mouth and tongue—keep his mouth from food and drink that defile the soul, and keeps man away from this life of Bina in ZA, called “tongue,” and from the days of ZA, in Malchut, called “mouth.” And he will keep his tongue from slandering so he will not be defiled in them; he will keep away from them and will have no share in them.

101) Malchut is called “mouth,” and ZA is called “tongue.” A man will not blemish his mouth and tongue because he blemishes the upper mouth and tongue, all the more so with defiling the whole of his soul and body, since he has become impure in the other world, above.

102) “This is the animal… from all the beasts…” The Creator said that as long as Israel keep their souls and bodies so as to not defile them, certainly, “This is the animal that you may eat,” which will be in upper holiness, to cling unto My Name, Malchut, called “this,” and “animal.” Through the choice of that beast, which I have chosen for you to eat, you will not be defiled in them and you will be adhering to My Name, to Malchut. “This is the animal” means that you will be adhering to Malchut, called, “This is the animal that you may eat from among all the beasts,” when you eat the pure beasts that I have chosen for you.

103) As long as they do not watch over themselves and their bodies from food and drink, they will cling to another place, the impure one, to be defiled in them. This is why it is written, “This is the animal that you may eat from among all…” which is the Holy Name, to which to adhere. “…from among all” implies Yesod, called, “all,” from which comes the adhesion to His Name, as it is written, “all that is in the heaven and in the earth.” Yesod connects ZA and Malchut, called, “heaven” and “earth.” “…from among all the beasts that are on the earth” means that the eating of a beast will be in purity and will not defile you. Then you will have a share in My Name, called, “all,” to cling to.

104) “This is the animal that you may eat.” It is written about Pharaoh, “By this you shall know that I am the Lord.” “This” is Malchut, against you, to avenge you. “This is the animal that you may eat from among all the beasts.” “This” is against you, to avenge you, should you defile your souls. Malchut, specifically, will punish them, since the souls of people come from her.

This is so because the Nefesh [soul] extends from Malchut, and the Ruach [spirit] extends from ZA. And if you defile that soul, which is hers, then “this,” Malchut, will be against you. If it is for the better, she will stand for you so you will cling to her and have abundant goodness. And if it is for the worse, she will stand up to punish you.

105) “This is the animal that you may eat from among all the beasts” means that you are permitted to eat from among all those who cling to the pure side. And you are forbidden to eat all those who do not come from that side. This is so because there are beasts that come from the pure side, and there are beasts that come from the impure, other side. Their sign is the words, “Whatever divides a hoof.” All are written, and the writing registers them all. Hence, anyone who eats of those that come from the impure side is defiled in them and defiles his soul, which comes from the pure side.

106) It is a general rule that as there are ten Sefirot of faith above, there are ten Sefirot of impure sorcery below. And of all that there is on earth, some are gripped by that side and some are gripped by the other side. And the writing permits us those animals that are gripped on the side of the ten Sefirot of holiness, and forbids us all the animals that grip unto the side of the ten Sefirot of impurity.

107) This goat, upon which lies the spirit of impurity, are we permitted to eat it? No, for if the spirit of impurity is in it, we are forbidden to eat it. However, the spirits of impurity pass through them and appear opposite them, but do not stay within them, for when they come to be in them, another spirit, from the pure side, passes over them and the spirits of impurity depart them. Hence, they are only seen opposite them, to slander against people from within them, but they do not rule them. This is why we are permitted to eat them.

108) Since the spirits of impurity come to rule them, another spirit passes, from the pure side, and they raise their eyes and see their Reshimot [recollections] from the pure side, and separate from them. However, they are still seen before them, which is why it is not forbidden to eat them.

109) In beasts, in animals, in fowl, and in fish, in all of them, the right and left are seen. We are permitted to eat anyone who comes from the right side, and we are forbidden to eat all those who come from the left side. This is so because all their degrees are in impurity and they are all impure, and the spirit of impurity is in them and dwells in them. Hence, Israel’s spirit of holiness will not mingle with them and will not be defiled by them, so Israel will be holy and will be recognized above and below. Happy are Israel, for the Holy King desired them and wanted to purify them and to sanctify them over all, since they are adhered to Him.

110) “Israel, in whom I show My glory.” And if the Creator shows His glory in Israel, how will they come to be defiled and adhere to the side of impurity? This is why it is written, “sanctify yourselves, and be holy, for I am holy, and do not defile your souls.” One who is in the image of the king does not need to part from the ways of the king. This is why the Creator wrote for Israel all those who come from this side, and all those who come from the other side. Happy are Israel, of whom it is written, “All who see them will recognize them because they are the offspring whom the Lord has blessed.”

111) Anyone who eats of the forbidden food clings to the other side and loathes his soul and body. The spirit of impurity is upon him and he shows himself as having no share in the Upper God and that he does not come from His side and does not cling unto Him. If one exits this world in this way, all those who cling to the side of impurity cling to him and defile him, and determine him to be a person who is despised by his master, despised in this world, and despised in the next world.

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