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ŞMINI (În ziua a opta)

  • Man Was Created in the Torah – (text) ENG
  • Zion and Jerusalem (text) ENG
  • Several Messengers Does the Creator Have (text) ENG
  • On the Eighth Day (text) ENG
  • And Aaron Took Elisheba (text) ENG
  • Drink No Wine or Strong Drink (text) ENG
  • And God Created the Great Sea Monsters (text) ENG
  • Raisin Cakes and Apples (text) ENG
  • Kept Wine (text) ENG
  • A Man Who Takes Bribes (text) ENG
  • Oil and Wine (text) ENG
  • Written Torah and Oral Torah (text) ENG
  • And His Throne Will Be Established in Mercy (text) ENG
  • This Is the Animal (text) ENG
  • That You Should Be Defiled by Them (text) ENG
  • Fish and Grasshoppers Do Not Require Slaughtering (text) ENG

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