While the King Sits at His Table

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100) “While the king sits at his table, my perfume gave forth its fragrance.” When the Creator was ready and was present at Mount Sinai to give the Torah to Israel, “my perfume gave forth its fragrance,” meaning that Israel emitted and raised a fragrance that stands and protects them for all generations. They said, “All that the Lord has spoken we will do and we will hear.”

Another explanation: “While the king sits at his table,” while Moses rose up to receive the Torah from the Creator, which was carved in two stones, the children of Israel forsook that fragrance, which was crowning them, and said to the calf, “These are your gods, O Israel.”

101) It is written, “And a river went out of Eden to water the garden.” A river, Bina, spreads to the sides when the Eden, Hochma, mates with it in a complete Zivug, in a path that is not known above or below, which is Yesod de Hochma, as it is written, “A path no eagle knows.” HB are favorable, never parting from each other, and then fountains and streams come forth from them, which are the Mochin de ZA, crowning the holy son, ZA, son of YodHey, in all those Ketarim, which are the Mochin.

It is written, “With the crown with which his mother crowned him.” These are the Mochin called Atara [Keter (crown)]. At that time the son, ZA, inherits his father’s and mother’s lot, the Mochin that emerge from Zivug of HB, who are AVI. Then he plays with delight in that Eden.

102) When the high king, ZA, sits in kings’ delights and in his crowns, it is written, “While the king is at his table, my perfume gave forth its fragrance.” “My perfume” is Yesod, which elicits blessings for the Zivug of the holy king, ZA, with the queen, Malchut. And then blessings are given in all the worlds and upper and lower are blessed.

And now Rabbi Shimon is crowned in the crowns of that degree, in Mochin de ZA from AVI, called “crowns.” And he and the friends raise praises from below upward, which are MAN, and Malchut is crowned by these praises and mates with ZA. Now we should elicit blessings to all the friends from above downward from that degree.

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