Who Builds His House without Righteousness

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150) When one begins to build a house, he should mention in his mouth that he is building it for the work of God, because it is written, “Woe to him who builds his house without righteousness.” Then, help from above will be over his house and the Creator prepares His sanctity over him and calls peace upon him, as it is written, “And you shall know that your tent is in peace; and you shall visit your habitation, and shall miss nothing.” “And you shall visit your habitation” implies commanding [“commanding” is written similar to “visiting” in Hebrew] with the words of his mouth with which he builds, that is, pronouncing with his mouth that he is building it for the work of God. Then it is written, “And shall miss nothing.” If not, the Sitra Achra is ready to be over his house.

151) It is even more so with one who builds and wishes for another thing, since he unites his house with the other side, to be defiled in it. Thus, the spirit of impurity is certainly in it. And that person does not pass away from the world before he is punished in that house. Also, one who dwells in it could be harmed because the spirit of impurity is in that house, and harms all who are in it.

152) How does one know if the one who built it extended the spirit of impurity there? If the one who built that house or the ones who live in it are harmed, either in body or in possession, and two neighbors after him who were dwelling in it were harmed, as well, then a person should certainly run for the mountains and not dwell in it, or live in a cave of dust, but not dwell in it.

153) This is why the Creator spared Israel, who did not know at all if there was the spirit of impurity in all the houses that they found in the land or not. And the Creator said, “You do not know, but I know, and I will mark them with an infection.” An affliction in the house is the Sitra Achra. Thus, I have sent there another, strong affliction to bring it out and remove it from the world. And then, “He shall therefore tear down the house, its stones, and its timbers.” And since the affliction has gone, due to the other affliction that has brought it out, what is the reason for tearing down the house if the Sitra Achra has already gone from there? It is that as long as the house is standing, it belongs to the Sitra Achra and he can return.

One who builds a house should build it in righteousness, to be a chariot for Divinity, called “house,” and “righteousness,” meaning the illumination of Hochma in it, as it is written, “In wisdom is a house built.” If not, the Sitra Achra is drawn into the house and the spirit of impurity of the Sitra Achra is in it, and this is the opposite of the holy spirit of Divinity. It is written about that that he is Divinity, called “righteousness.”

The difference between the Sitra Achra and Divinity is that the correction of illumination of Hochma in Malchut is to shine from below upwards as the decision of the middle line, and the Sitra Achra extends the Hochma from above downwards, separating the left from the right. And those houses of the Canaanites who built their houses for the Sitra Achra and idolatry contain harsh judgments of the left line there, for the spirit of the Sitra Achra from the left line is in them, and they harm people.

It is known that when the left line is separated from the right, it is impossible to bring it back to the right except through awakening of the judgments from the Masach de Hirik, which is to elevate the Malchut to the place of Bina, which diminishes the left line from GAR de Hochma. And the afflictions extend from these judgments of the ascent of Malchut to the place of Bina, too, when the Yod enters the Ohr [light] and the light is diminished into Avir.

And since the affliction of the presence of the Sitra Achra is in the house, being the illumination of the left from above downwards, it separated from the right. This is the affliction that the Creator sends into these houses, which extend from the Yod that entered the Ohr and diminishes the left of Hochma. And the Sitra Achra exits the house because it does not have the strength to extend anything from the separated left. Because it diminishes the left line, the force of the Sitra Achra, it not only exits the house, but the world, for she has all been cancelled. However, after the affliction overcomes the spirit of impurity and revokes it, the affliction remains in the house and there is no one to cancel it.

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