Infected Houses

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144) “When you enter the land of Canaan …and I put a mark of leprosy on a house in the land of your possession.” Is this the good reward, that there will be infections in the houses of those who have been rewarded with entering the land of Israel? However, after they shatter the infected houses they will find treasures that the Canaanites hid in their homes and Israel will enjoy them.

145) Happy are Israel who adhere to the Creator and whom the Creator loves, as it is written, “I have loved you, says the Lord.” And for His love, He brought them into the holy land to instill His Divinity among them and to dwell with them, so Israel will be holier than all the people in the world.

146) “And all the women whose heart stirred them up,” when they did their chores, would say, “This is for the Temple; this is for the tabernacle; and this is for the curtain” [Hebrew: Parochet—a curtain covering the holy ark]. And so did all the craftsmen, so there would be holiness in their hands and so that that work would be sanctified. And when it was brought to its place, it rose and was in holiness.

147) It is similar with one who performs idolatry or who is toward another side, which is not holy. When he mentions that work, the spirit of impurity is on him, and when the work rises, it rises in impurity.

The Canaanites were all idolaters. They all adhered to the spirit of impurity in idol worshipping and built structures for their faces and their abomination of the impure side, for idolatry. And when they began to build, they would utter some thing. And since it was mentioned in their mouths, a spirit of impurity rose upon that building. And when the work rose, it rose in the spirit of impurity.

148) When they came to the land of Israel, the Creator wished to purify for them, to sanctify the land for them, and to make room for Divinity so Divinity would not be in an impure place. Hence, by that affliction of leprosy, they would destroy the buildings of trees and rocks that were made in impurity.

149) If this act of shattering the infected houses was only to find treasures, they should have brought the stones back to their places afterwards, as they were before. Also, they should have brought the dust back to its place. However, the writing says that they were to “take out the stones.” It is also written, “and he shall take other mortar,” to remove the spirit of impurity, so the land will be cleared and sanctified as before. Thus, Israel would be in holiness and in sanctified housing so Divinity would be among them.

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