A Big Eagle and King Solomon

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386) A big eagle came and circled the heads of Rabbi Pinhas and the friends, and stood over them. Rabbi Pinhas said, “It is indeed a time of good will now.” At that time, the gates of Rachamim open to all those who are on their death beds, and this is the time to heal them, although they are the king’s prisoners, for an eagle is a sign of Rachamim [mercy], for the face of an eagle is the middle line, Rachamim.

387) It is written, “Like an eagle that stirs up its nest, that hovers over its young.” No one in the world has mercy on its young as the eagle, as it is written, “And the young eagle will eat it,” for he is merciful toward his young. And because now is a time of mercy, this eagle has come and circles us. At that time it is Rachamim for all who are sick in their beds, as it is written, “Lord, in the morning You hear my voice.” It is Abraham’s morning, Hesed, and the awakening of the Hesed.

388) While the eagle circled and passed before them. Rabbi Pinhas said, “Eagle, what are you doing among us? If you have come by your Master’s errand, here we are. If you have come for something else, we are here, ready.” The eagle took off and disappeared from them, and they sat down.

389) A big eagle came to King Solomon each day, and King Solomon would ride on the wings, leading him 400 parsas in one hour. Where did he lead that eagle? To Tarmod, in the desert, in the mountains. There is a place in the Mountains of Darkness called “Tarmod in the Desert.”

This is not the place where the Tarmodians dwell, but rather Tarmod in the desert, in the mountains, where all the spirits and forces of the Sitra Achra gather. The eagle would fly there in an hour.

390) When the eagle stood on that place in Tarmod, the eagle lifted itself, and Solomon wrote an inscription and threw it there. Thus he was saved from those spirits. The eagle would look into the darkness of the mountains, to the place were Aza and Azael are chained in iron chains, pinned into the deeps, where no person in the world can enter, and not even the fowl of the sky, except for Balaam.

391) And since the eagle would look into the great darkness, he flew down and took King Solomon under his left wing and covered him. The eagle stood over those chains of Aza and Azael, and approached them.

At that time Solomon took out a ring on which he inscribed the holy name, and placed it in the eagle’s mouth. Promptly, Aza and Azael would say everything that King Solomon wanted. From there King Solomon knew wisdom, as it is written, “And Solomon built Tarmod in the desert, in the earth.”

Would he make a building in the earth? Indeed, “And built” means understanding [Boneh (building) is similar to Havanah (understanding)]. He looked in Tevuna [intelligence] and knew that place, Tarmod, to know wisdom in it.

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