The Eagle

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383) An eagle came and took the lily. It is written about it, “For the Leader on Shushan Edut; Michtam of David to teach,” to teach wisdom to the people of the world. “Shushan Edut” is the great Sanhedrin, Malchut that clothes Bina, where the Mochin de Bina are called Edut.

“Michtam of David” is a sign that David was shown in Shushan Edut, that he would win the war, when he sent Yoav [Joab] to Aram Naharaim and to Aram Tzova to wage war against them. Shushan Edut means that the stars in the heaven and the Shechina are upon us, and with her are the upper degrees, the Mochin de Bina, called Edut [testimony], and it is holy help to praise in praises. It is Shushan in completeness.

385) What do comets imply? These comets are known because the Creator created all those stars in the firmament, great and small, and all thank and praise the Creator. When their time to praise arrives, the Creator calls them by name, as it is written, “He calls them all by name.” Then, they run and stretch a wand of light to go and praise their Master in that place where they were counted, as it is written, “Raise your eyes up high and see who created these?”

All the degrees that are in GAR are called “stars” or “stars of heaven.” No illumination of Hochma—called numbering and counting—can be elicited from them from above downward. It is written about it, “Look now toward the heaven and count the stars, if you can count them.”

Indeed, the Creator Himself reveals the number and calculation in them in their own place. This is illumination of Hochma, but they illuminate from below upward, and it is written, “He counts the number of the stars,” since the Creator Himself counts the number.

“He calls them all by name” because a name means attainment, as what we do not attain, we do not call by name. And when the Creator assembles them to disclose the number in them, then for all the light, they return Ohr Hozer [Reflected Light] from below upward, and this is considered a wand. This is what comets imply in the earth.

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